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Somewhere along the line we had some pictures of an Earthroamer interior. Despite the overhang over the cab, you still can't get a one-piece 12' rod inside; the overhang is filled up with components of some sort. The interior was very lux, great for touristing but I'd prefer something leaner and more austere for a surfcaster's vehicle.
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I agree, awesome concept with the solar and diesel, but where to put a one piece rod when driving to the beach, the roof is covered with solar panels. I think going two piece and putting them in the big cabinet at the back is probably what I will have to settle for when I get mine!biggrin.gif....Jack
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No. I want to be able to keep them inside and guarded by an alarm system that's appropriate for a $250K vehicle. Anyway, the roof is too damn high for quick access to an outfit - you'd still want vertical tubes on a rack up front.

the company would probably be willing to do some customizing work. I believe their stand production models include things like granite countertops icon24.gif and luxe cabinetry and toilet/sink fittings. The company's home page shows interiors that look to have come out of Architecture Digest. I'd rather something I can clean easily, with a hose. Cooler space inside, as much for dry as wet storage. A solar roof is fine by me, it need not be incompatible with a kayak or even a tin boat; access is the hard part.

And it would be one hell of a mobile blind for wildlife photography. If I'm going to dream about the Earthroamer, I might as well fantasize about Canon's 800 mm. telephoto at $125K too.
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