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whats going on around florida these days.... Striper TC, Lastinline, Guest.... hows the fishin been... Al whats cookin up your way??? Terogator you get any time off to fish lately??? beers.gif ... Rav you neck deep in paper work frown.gif
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The Panhandle has slowed down alot. The fronts keep comming through and the fishing has been up and down. Last week the BoBo's where on fire and this week I can't find them. Still some reds and trout in the skinny water. Three more weeks and we will start looking to the East for the Cobia.
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What goes on in Vegas, stays in Vegas cwm15.gif

but to answer yer question, fishing is kinda slow
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it all depends if you can pick your days then you might get into some fish but if you can only fish when you get free days then its a hit or miss,
This is our slow month anyway... we are just warming up and getting our gear ready biggrin.gif
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lots of company here....but slow fishing
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Been real slow over this way,Lost a lot of days due to Strong East Wind and then we had few days of heavy rain which we moaned about but needed , went by county ramp other day ,parkling lot holds at least 60 trailers and only 8 units occupied in lot.

Reports on pomp being caught , not in great amounts, lot of Spanish Mack, as Drako stated getting ready for warmer weather ,reds start moving in shore. Still little early for Cobia to pass through / hang around. just real slow right now .
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Spent last week in the Keys, Islamorada. , checked some bridges lots of wind. Spent evenings at the Lorelei. Good music. No fish. Everglades should pick up soon, heard there were snook in the wash by Clam pass last wek. Tom
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If my sole intentions were to catch fish, I would never go to Florida in Feb or Mar...while there are always fish to catch down there (to varying degrees depending where you go), it's always fickle at this time of year
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yesterday was the first day in weeks that there were no birds working bait... i say snook, kingfish (whiting), and a handful of reds cruising by, water was crystal clear.... temps are going up 75 to start the day and 78 by 3pm according to NPSF1 bouy... Tom... HH should be heating up soon beers.gif
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SW Florida we have plenty of sheepshead on the pilings and rocks nearshore, the spanish macs have just arrived should be seeing pompano soon. Offshore there are some good snapper reports (mangrove, yellowtail) as well as some big jolthead porgies. Plenty of C&R grouper and red snapper in the deeper waters. Aj's are not always as easy to find as in past years but there seem to be some on every offshore charter. King macs should be moving in soon with the warmer waters, as should the cobia. 450 This 30# African Pompano was caught by my buddy fishing offshore from Venice, at the "pipes". Forgot to mention, It's Capt. Joe Miller who is holding that African Pompano.
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Hey Vin, Please let me know when you are planning a trip up there. Even if we don't catch, it would be good to say hello and bs. Tom
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