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Older Durangos

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Found a few threads here, but not a lot. I'm looking at a 2001 Durango with 95k on it to replace our Explorer. Anyone running a Durango of that general age on the beach? I'm wondering how it's stood up over time. Slightly less ground clearance than my Explorer and heavier, so a lift may be needed. Other than that, it looks prettty good.
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Durangos don't have a great reputation for reliability. Although that's true of anything Chrysler has made for a while. That truck is also a pig on gas.
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I'm ok with the gas issue, as that's true of any of the vehicles I'm looking at right now.
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It has a very long wheel-base for towing if that's something you would be looking at in the future. Also, it has plenty of power, giving it a lot of low speed torque.

My buddy just bought a 2000 I think, and he's taken it on the beach(seaside park and ibsp) about a dozen times. He's happy, but he's gonna blow his tranny. I tole him to drop the tire pressure to 15, he said 17 was ok(scared 15 is too low) and he digs some deep tracks when he's on. This is also with standard size tires. I'd say with a 3" lift and oversized tires, you should be fine.
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trannys are junk
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If you like Chrysler, Grand Cherokees seem to have a good number of fans. More of them on the used market too.
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Early Durango's had trany problems. Find out if it has been rebuilt and still have that part especially checked.
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Bought the car today based on a thorough check by a mechanic I trust. Just over 5k for a good tow vehicle I can use on the beach sounded very reasonable. I see some of the problems in interwebz discussions that are mentioned here, but I see just as many + reviews.

1 owner, no tow package (I'll install that) so it hasn;t been worked too hard, well maintained, and looks very good for it's age. We'll see how it does.
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I know the tranny's were junk, the one my buddy bought went 2x before he bought it, and the truck he bought had 114k on it, but the 2nd time it happened, they complete replaced the tranny with new, and the paperwork proved it was less than 6 months old. Plus he got it, with working 4wd, and new tranny, for $1500.
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I had a 1998 with the 318 motor- great engine....real nice on the beach- great ride...sold in in 2005 because I needed something with a higher tow capacity.
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the only problems these have with trannys are the people who neglect or abuse them, and thats true for all manufacturers. To the person who said they had to replace it twice... thats probably because they didnt flush the cooler and there was still crud stuck in there. however i will say you will probably have to replace front wheel bearings and tie rod ends, I do them alot at my shop. JUST TAKE CARE OF IT!!! a well maintained vehicle should not give you any issues and if you need any help just PM me. I am a chrysler certified tech and have access to stuff private shops dont. Have fun with it though!

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Brought it home Monday night. I like the way this thing rides and I have decent room inside. I can easily sleep in the back (the Explorer was tight for me) and I have front and rear receiver's arriving tomorrow.
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