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Absolutely fantastic collection of Spinfishers. I have never seen anyone display a full collection of these reels. They are really too new to be considered antique but they have very interesting historical significance.


In my opinion, your collection will have a great future in the collectible market. The Black 710 and 711 are already very sought after models.


Two other Penn spinning models that I believe will be highly sought after collectibles in the future will be the Models 747 and 757. They had a very short production run and in my opinion, they are great reels.


Congrats on a wonderful display.   :theman: 

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Penn 525 Mag is still getting it done.

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wow nice job
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I like penn reels!
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shark, very nice, good on ya

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Originally Posted by sytheteacher View Post

I don't know why  "PENN"  would place a finish on their reels that would peel off. I see many of the new model reels with this problem. WHY, WHY ?????????

Simple . . . PENN "Sold Out", when they started having their reels MADE IN CHINA ! ! !
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thats a pretty picture

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