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My son's first trigger fish. Penn 950ss I think that reel is about 14 or 15 years old.

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Nice! These are the things kids remember their whole lives! Enjoy it while you can
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Thanks, I do enjoy it every day. He loves fishing and loves offshore even more. He's 8 now and has caught quite few different species of fish.
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Thats the next generation of anglers for sure!
God bless him!!!! smile.gif
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That is the best pic yet look at that little boys face !awesome job dad.
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Thanks shark lobster!!! I have many pics with him but that is one of my faverate because that was his first trip on a boat. Before we left he had told me that he really wanted to get a trigger.
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Man i love that! That is what fishing is all about. Don't know where i would be without my old man.
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Great pics guys, keep em up. smile.gif


Let The Battle Begin - PENN Fishing


Let The Battle Begin - PENN Fishing

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Nice bag and setup!
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Originally Posted by shark lobster View Post

Nice bag and setup!

Thanks Shark Lobster, I had just finished the rod and the popper so I took them for a test run.  

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