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@Cfire06 how much would you charge if I sent you a 704 and you did the same work on it
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From the fall: 37", rigged eel, Penn Battle 5000. Fish released.
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A greenie z

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i bought this reel for twenty bucks and gave it a redo ! i think i might keep itbefore
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Awesome reel Shark. Annodization of the cup and body and spool is a great touch!
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That turned great! Mean machine!
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PENN founder, Otto Henze. Hanging on the wall in one of our conference rooms.


Let The Battle Begin - PENN Fishing


Let The Battle Begin - PENN Fishing

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Cool painting, nice reel!
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awesome painting ! hold on otto!!
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What a legacy! Nice painting!!!!!
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Recent pic I snapped trolling off of Florida's East Coast., I've actually helped build these reels a long time ago during my few years working for PENN Reels...- Good Times There...

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very nice!
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here are mine


Spinfisher 750ssm, Battle 7000, Spinfisher 650ssm, Spinfisher 440ssg





now to add one of those bad ass custom, dual arm Torque 5s

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