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What Does a Weak Handshake Mean to You?

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Having this debate earlier. To me I feel someone with a weak handshake has something to hide.

What about everyone else?
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Women= OK Men= Gay
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I was embarrased by an old dude when i was a teenage for giving a weak handshake. never again. ima pretty overanalytical person but i dont think much of it when i get one, other than the fact that the person aint met that old dude yetr
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I met Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis when BSC brought Planet Hollywood public.

I was on the otc desk at the time as an assitant trader.

As each Celeb walked by, I stuck out my hand.

Arnold: more of a low-five, side slap.

Stallone: Dead fish and seemed to be taken aback by the scene on the trading desk -

Demi - no shake.

Willis. firm handshake -left hand on shoulder. Sincere .

Willis was the cooest out of the bunch. He stayed for a bit and asked us what it was like to trade. Seems he was a regular guy at heart and missed comraderie...

- Met Barry Pepper a few years later. Dead fish.

Whatever it measn - I don't know
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I love when I get complemented for having a firm handshake, makes me feel like people actually care about me

I've never met a chick with a firm handshake.....but I guess that's a good thing wink.gif
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A weak handshake to me means that the person is probably embarrassed or nervous.
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Sally = crazy stalker guy.

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I hate when I shake someone's hand, and they realize that I have a firm handshake so they start squeezing harder, and then it just gets awkward....
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weak handshake is bad, very bad
it's very submissive
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To me It means the person is fake
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An arthritic condition.
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Means I'm having my annual physical and my lady doctor is checking my dexterity.
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doesn't mean too much
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I've shaken a thousand hands in my life, maybe more, but the one that stood out was Mark Gastineau backstage at a Rod Stewart concert. I did my best with a firm handshake and wished him a good season, but swear his fingers alone wrapped around my hands a few times. I was totally intimidated by his handshake.

The funniest handshake moment was with Gerry Cooney. We shook hands and posed for a photo. I then suggested as a goof that we strike the boxer pose for the photo, at which time someone in our group yelled that Cooney should lay down on the floor to be a realistic pose. Even Cooney laughed hard.

I like a good firm handshake with the free hand on the other arm.

If I know someone well. I like the shoulder bump/semi-hug pat on the back.

If someone gives me a weak handshake, I put my free hand on our hands, I suppose to encourage some trust and easieness.
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Similar to what others think, a weak handshake to me means either they are insincere and/or they have low self-esteem/confidence. Or they're literally a homo. I think that's how they do it... being effeminate and shaking hands like a lady.


On the other side of it, I have a fishing buddy that just about crushes my hand before and after each fishing outing. A bit overdone. It's almost as bad as getting a limp shake imo.

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