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Late fall striper run....

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As of right now it looks like things might be a little later if they even evolve on our beaches as far as the fall striper run goes. Water temps are still warm in NY and NJ and they are still saying "anyday, anyday now" everyday pushing the waves of migratory fish further away for us on the calendar. Just as a fall teaser I was wondering what is the normal duration that stripers hang out on the NJ beaches before they reach us. For instance just say they see them in mid NJ next week, will they most likely hang out there for a specific number of weeks or is it dictated completely on water temp? Bait movement also plays a factor but for the most part that is temp driven as well. What are your predictions for the first couple fish of the fall in the AI area? begining of Nov, Mid, or we won't see them until the last week or so of Nov carrying into Dec. Just bored at work and looking to drum up conversation.....
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honestly, if your talking about our local Delmarva shore waters.... it all depends on water temp, and if the fish stay offshore when they move down. last few years have been marginal. best thing to do is fish, you cant catch anything if you don't... maybe go through some past fishing reports... Mid October all the way through February even march... all depending on watertemp and bait.

I used to do the same thing, watch Jersey, but that has little to do with us below the deleware
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I don't know if this helps in the predictions, but I was in Montauk over the weekend and the stripers were coming around the point en masse. In fact, it was complete mayhem -- schools of big stripers coming literally two feet from shore. Hundreds of surf fishermen (and women) of all shapes, sizes, and creeds. So many boats off the point it looked like a naval invasion. I don't have much experience but I'd never seen anything like it. I did manage to land two and a personal record chomper blue, but back to the point -- the regulars said the blitzes were about 2-3 weeks late this year, so you should factor that in to your predictions.
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On years with warm falls, such as this year, the duration of good fall fishing is usually shortened. Last few years it has been a sudden change from fall to winter causing the temps to go from warm to cold pretty quickly. On years like those the fish move through pretty fast. On gradual changes of season it seems to present a longer window of good fishing. Just my observations from my fishing logs.

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Originally Posted by fishizzle View Post

On years with warm falls, such as this year, the duration of good fall fishing is usually shortened. Last few years it has been a sudden change from fall to winter causing the temps to go from warm to cold pretty quickly. On years like those the fish move through pretty fast. On gradual changes of season it seems to present a longer window of good fishing. Just my observations from my fishing logs.

Yeah that is what I am afraid of, I am hoping we start to drop to at least some seasonal temps or subseasonal would be nice to get these fish moving south and hopefully close to shore. Then the temps can stall and they can just sit on our coast..LOL
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You can catch stripers from AI in the fall?! icon24.gif

I hope somebody tells the fish this year because the last few falls stunk for me... a few fish here and there but nothing to write home about.
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Well one thing I have learned fishing the DelMarVa coast for a good number of years is that as soon as you think you have it figured out, you don’t! Here are some personal observations for the fall (and winter) Striper fishing from the surf on this coast.

1. A serious run of decent size fish can start as early as mid-October, but the norm is early November.

2. For most of the fall run of Striped Bass, water temps range from the high 40’s to mid 60’s…but the range of water temps when the largest fish are present is roughly 54 degrees to 62 degrees.

3. November seems to be the best month for the fall run of fish…but here’s a video I shot that was in early winter from the beach…

4. The past 6 + years there has been a noticeable decline in numbers of Striped Bass caught, especially in the fall…

Predicting how the fall run of Striped Bass on this coast will turn out is, well, unpredictable…

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Plus last year they were dredging OC, dirtying up the water and parking hoses on the bottom then picking them up and moving, did all that activity help keep them and the bait off shore, who knows? I'm trying to decide if I'm coming down this fall, or saving my vacation time and money for the spring.
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I think Lucky OC hit it right on... If you are watching for things to heat up in Jersey, there is a good chance you might be missing what's already going on in Delmarva...

Anywhere from Mid-October on for good fish.

They don't all leave/come at the same time & like Lucky said I think the Deleware Bay/River fish have a lot to do with it. River water generally cools faster than ocean water and may spark some fish earlier than others, who knows... Not sure where they all come from, but generally from what I've seen sometimes there is a very short push of good fish that happens earlier than most people think--before the bulk of the migration. If you aren't out there fishing, you will have missed them unless they decide to hang around for a little while.

If I got to fish as much as I'd like i'd be out there starting with this last moon...
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Thanks TJ.... I agree, but what i meant by the Delaware, was that its seems in the last few years, and my experience is that the water cools in the surf zone quickly, and south of the Del bay, the majority of fish follow the structure a few miles offshore from the Del Bay down... water temp and bait staying further offshore are the factors here. just my .02
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Last fall was one of the best for Delaware beaches, it was short lived, it got cold and stayed cold. You cant catch a fish from the couch.
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there are resident stripers on AI as in most places sept ...when i was down i caught 4 or 5 of those there was one keeper ..which i let go the rest where from the 22" range to 32 " as the keeper ..i went to my striper honey hole an caught them the wash ..belive me some times you can over fish the fish you want to catch...bait bait bait 3 rods different bait ....till i see what there hitting on..clams cold water temp to chunks with warmer water ...56 degrees an below i think clams work best ..peelers if ya can find them .... even are good friends mole grabs..aka sand flees ..with a tip of FBCB..try a red hook yummmm...its kinda like drum fishing ..ya got to be there when there there.....thats why i go for 4 wks in sept the main beach at the NP ( walk over ) the swimming area ..has payed off for me many times ....thanksgiveing wk has always been good on a SE wind for blues an stripers ... i just pull on to the beach at the beginnig ..haveing a NOAA radio saying that the wind is going to turn SEafternoon....the beach was crowded in the am ..nobody catching anything ..they left ..wind went SE i started to catch fish ..then i would move to a better spot an catch bigger fish..down the beach......they can be there an in the blink of an eye be gone in tjhe same way.....when will they be there ..flip a coin...just don't over cast them they like the wash...points points points north side incomming south side out going ......... its just what i have found out
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Earl, stop telling everyone your secrets........ biggrin.gifwink.gif
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Last year they seemed to stay a little ways off the beach. We caught them at the sliver which is straight out from the Assateague bridge.I also took a trip with Capt Nick from OC the first week of Dec and we did well on the blues and rock. The feelng I got was that the shallow water on the beach was too cold to hold bait so the the fish stayed a lillte ways off. Just a guess.
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