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Best Surf fishing on east coast

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Well it looks like the fishing trip to Buxton is deep six. Was suppose to head down in a couple weeks, question is need to find a new location to vacation, what would be some beachs that would have good surf fishing, maybe down the coast a bit from the outerbanks. Any suggestions?

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If I could swing it ... I would spend that key seasonal time on Block Island or Martha's Vineyard. Just Do It .... the Fall Run thing.biggrin.gif
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MV has been a bust for fishing last few Falls ... M or BI seem to have produced better last several years.
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Was think more south of buxton, how is the fishing in topsail beach or even down Myrtle beach?

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SC has a nice fall spot tail run...others can give a better window, but I know my uncle always talks about a mid to late september window when the biggins show up out front....
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Just got back from Topsail, North Topsail beach and the fishing wasn't good.  The  locals say it was going to heat up in a couple of weeks as the water began to cool down, we were on a boat in the back area.  The ocean was like bath water, and the back water was even warmer.  I've been going there for 10 years and haven't really fished and haven't seen many people land any significant fish in the 10 years I've been going.  I can't really recommend for fishing. 

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Late September is good for Drum why not Corolla ?
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Carolina beach, Fort Fisher (ORV access) are good places to look into. What are you looking to catch and when do you plan to come?
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The fishing in general is second to none in mid Sept thru November in the Morehead/Swansboro/Surf City area. This would be sound, river, surf and ocean(both inshore and offshore) Surf fishing in October on Shackelford and Portsmouth is legendary. Surf fishing is better in November on Topsail . Pier fishing is unbelievable in mid October thru mid November.
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Also the beaches and area around Jax, Fl to St. Aug are pretty good in November and December especially the Gate Station
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