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Holland 14 skiff??

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I am currently looking around for a small boat for inshore salt use. I have a Nissan 20hp ls 4 stroke tiller motor and a nice wide 1000 pound trailer for a 14 ft boat.

I have seen two of the Holland 14's - one center console, and one for tiller steering - but have never been in the water in one. I find the craft appealing.

Anyone out there using one? Is so, I would really like your feedback along with thoughts about interior arrangement since Holland builds to order.

I hope to hear from actual owners or past owners rather than persons with no experience in this boat.
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No responses - HMMMMM???

Oh well I bit the bullet and committed to buying a 4 year old one that has been setting idle. I will post pics and report on performance after I pick it up mid-week.
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It's not a boat that you see a lot of and I suppose that's why you got no responses. I've only seen photos of the boat ,myself, but I do like the looks of it.I gave the Holland shop a call ,some years back, and spoke to the builder about having one made but I decided that I needed to have something bigger as a primary boat. I do have a 14 foot aluminum skiff, but I do know that I'd rather have the Holland. That little boat should serve you well and last a very long time with minimal upkeep. Take some photos once she's rigged and let us see what you're going to do with her. Good luck.

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They look like a nice skiff. I was only able to find this one picture of the "baby baron" it belongs to Glen Holland's son and the kid has been racing it at the lobster boat races this year.
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I am going to pic this one up tomorrow afternoon. It was built in June 2007, and has set on the hard ever since - a long story, Google the fishing boat Save-A-Buck.

Dirty and a bit weathered, never registered, never in the water.


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Hope you got a good deal on her. Maybe a 20 HP on the back with a tiller extension and you'll be all set. She looks like she may be a bit wet with no spray rail, but you'll figure all that out. Good looking boat; I'm jealous! Go enjoy!

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Any follow-up posts or pictures on the holland 14? I'm thinking about ordering one from the shop.


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Got this one, cleaned it up & put numbers on it, but have yet to launch it.

Have to reconfigure my trailer for better fit first. Will run a Nissan 20 on it.

Love the lines and have great expectations re: performance.450450450700
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Thats a really nice looking clean boat. I'd be interested to let me know how she rides and whether its a dry ride.





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GB Capt-

Any more infor or pics on the holland 14 would be great. Thanks.

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No new picture, but I did float her twice, after I finally got the trailer keel rollers added and the bunks properly adjusted.

My motor ran terribly the first trip - brought it home, changed plugs and dosed it with Seafoam after a 10 min run. Second trip the motor was much improved, but not perfect, so I was reluctant to take downstream, instead ran upstream against a hard outgoing tide.

I really am impressed with the boat, but need more time to really get the whole picture. So far, no spray issues, but I haven't exposed it to much of a chop - yet.

Ran it lightly loaded with only myself aboard. Achieved 22.5 mph average of an upstream and a downstream full throttle run over the same track, measured with my old Garmin GPS-12!

Hope to give another workout on Sunday.
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Hope you were able to get out again without any motor trouble. Any more info or feedback that you come across would be great. thanks

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rained all day yesterday, so no boating for me.

Gibby21 - I live in Biddeford and would gladly let you inspect my boat if you care to before ordering one. It is 1/2 mile from my house to a boat launch on the Saco River if conditions allowed an on-the-water test.

PM me for an address and to schedule a time. There has been no frost here yet, but I will most likely put it away for the season by the end of the month.
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Thanks for the offer, and i would have definetly taken up your invite, but unfortunately, i live in nj. It would be tough for me to get up there. I would, however, hope that you can update me and us with more pictures, and feedback on the boat once you are able to take her out more. Thanks again GBcapt.

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I have had the Holland out a couple times since my last post - once with two additional adult, and once with a single adult.

With three adults on board, top end speed dropped about 1.5 mph, but still very acceptable performance!

Very Pleased overall!450700
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