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Braided line on reel

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I want to use braided line on my reel (avet sx). Does a backing of nylon line (about 100 yds) prevent slipping of the braided line on the spool. Or should I use tape first, than nylon and then the braided line?
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I use a medical tape of some sort... it's kinda like a thin sponge on top. You can get it at any drug store. I tape the bottom of the spool and wind the braid right on it - no slipping whatsoever. Make sure that SX is magged if you plan to cast it on a heaver.
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I use the same type of tape ematsuda is referring to. Its called athletic tape at any sporting goods store, about 1-1.5" wide. I like it much better than electrical tape because electrical tape is still fairly slick once put on the spool. Another option is to use the flex finger tape that long range guys use so they don't get cut or burned by braid.

If you choose to use mono, you don't need 100yds, you can use just enough to cover the spool 2-3 layers on the bottom. No tape needed.

I've used both methods without problems.
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Use dacron backing.
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Tie a uni arbor knot put a wrap of tape around the spool and spool as usual.

Two feet of mono will prevent slipping. No need for 100 yards. As the SX doesn't hold all that much line depending on what LB test your going with.

The only reason why you would use mono backing is to save money and decrease capacity.
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I fill the spool with braid, then add my backing. I have extra reels so then I reel it on to reel #2 .Now the backing is on the inside. Then I reel it on reel # 3. Now when you look at the spool,you see the backing . Now I reel it,back on the reel I want it on. The backing is on the inside, and the braid is on the outside where you want it. You have just the right amount of backing
If you have two of the same spools, Just put it on the second spool.
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Originally Posted by ccb View Post

Use dacron backing.

+1 as ccb says dacron is the way to go i use it on all my reels
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I just got a New Stella 5000SW & in the box there was 2 stripes of tape. In the instructions they said to Wrap a few coils of line on the reel 1st & then put the tape over the knot. The fill the spool with the rest of the line.

Depending on the diameter, lb test ETC you will be using will depend how much mono you will need to put on under the braid. Remember the Mono is a lot cheaper than braid.

How I spool is I put the braid on the reel 1st without tying a knot then I attatch the mono to the braid ( In Other words I spool it backwards) Then when I have the desired amount of line I need on the reel I transfer the line to another reel & transfer it on to the reel I am spooling. It may take a little longer but you have the exact amout of line that you need.

With all the different brands of lines out thetre it really is hard to tell just how much of mono or braid you will need. And the worst part if your not using a bulk spool is to run out of line & not have enough to fill your spool.
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I'm pretty sure the Avet website in their FAQ section recommends putting a double sided tape on the spool prior to loading the braid. At least I think that's what it says and I'm getting ready to buy one. Steve
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I've honestly heard you don't need any backing if you spool it right, but if it gives you peace of mind go for the tape, not backing.
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The best solution is to wrap the gsp braid around the arbor about 6 times after creating the knot, then glue the lot to the arbor with Loctitec 406 CA glue
It stops and shift and is easily removed by using boiling water, which softens the glue.
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And the braid should be cross hatched every 8 or 9 layers and wound on the spool under very high tension.
Which means a partial reload after every fishing trip.
Its not an easy backing line to use, but its the best as far as water drag is concerned.
Reel spools should hold at least 2.4 times the rated Dacron capacity with 30lb GsP and 1.8 times with 50lb GsP
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Use Mono, If you use Braid and No backing, that Braid Can tighten up around your spool with very high Tension, and it will also Start to crush your Spool,. Seen this happen a few times with a few
new comers.

I tell everyone who uses braid to use some backing of mono to prevent this from happening.wink.gif
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I depends entirely on whether you have enough braid to sufficiently fill the spool. If you do, then you only need tape backing as there is no reason to fill space with mono, add an unnecessary connection to the mix, and reduce your overall line capacity. If you don't have enough braid to sufficiently fill the spool then it makes sense to use mono to fill that space and prevent slippage.
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Hey Cobra,


I want to use braided line on my Pluton. Don't you also own one or were selling one?



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