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  A yak tree! Nice nat storage. Even covered, watch out for snow load if those are 2x4's on edge. Weight and time can take a toll on a hull, especially in higher temps.

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Nice work. Did you put cement footings in? I'm gonna keep your thread going with a few pics of racks I use (with Wildys: orange Pungo, red Tsunami, and sand Tarpon), my friend's t-rack (with Perception touring yaks), and a shop in Putnam County that attached their rack to a brick wall.338
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I did use a bag of quickcrete in each hole that was about 21 inches deep. And no problems as of yet.
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I made this too 3 yrs ago. Holding up fine. I am going to add more straps & make a secnd one to beter support a 14 footer.
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The recent addition of the Dorado II forced me to relegate yet another kayak to the back yard. The rack in the garage holds 3 comfortably and I didn't want to leave the other 2 just sitting on the ground over the winter. I decided on an "A Frame" style because it's cheap and easy to build, and once tarped, sheds water and snow better than a regular "stack em" rack due to the pitch on both sides. I forgot to take a shot with the kayaks mounted up on them. The ropes are so that the kayaks won't slip off during windy times. I'm not sure it's even needed. It was actually a really fun couple hour project that my son helped me with. Thank goodness for chopsaws. They sure do make things go quickly.

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I like the design in regards to the ease of covering and having water and snow shed. Only thing I might have done different would be to raise them a little higher off the ground.
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I'm about to start construction of a two yak rack. I have most of a plan, but it isn't yet proven through implementation. The biggest thing up in the air is whether I will bury the posts in concrete or make it free standing so it can live near the trees, but move it away from there if bad weather is expected. I have the concrete, but I'm leaning toward the free standing option. The plan involves a couple 6' tall PT 4x4s about 7' apart. Both kayaks will mount on the same side and there will be a 15' "roof" made from a 2x4 frame and a tarp that can come off in the winter when the yaks move inside. I may architect it so that the roof is sitting atop the 4x4s and held on by a couple large, and removable, bolts. Also still up in the air is if I will put anything between the wood and the boat at the contact points.

The size is a sort of compromise that has to hold both a 13-15' boat for me and a Venus 11 for the boss. I'm hoping it will keep the sun off without getting too hot inside.

If I ever get it built and it doesn't suck, I'll post pics.

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Looks good
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nice I just hav two sawhorses holding mine off the ground.
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