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My Dauphin Island trip, surf fishing the Gulf

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Arrived on Dauphin Island, AL yesterday about 1pm. After getting the wife and kids set up for the beach, I went searching for bait. Found some frozen shrimp and squid, and some "fresh" mullet. Fresh down here looks like stuff Bev would have thrown away last week.

Our house is about 400yds from the beach so my equipment selection was based on what I cod carry. I rigged up my cheap 6' bait caster with a 6500, ff rig, and threw a few small weights in my pocket. I cut up one of the mullet and headed out.

Didn't get a chance to check the tides so I had no idea what I'd find. Got down the beach and noticed a very steep beach. Water temp is pushing 90. There is a pretty deep trough from the wash out to about 50yds. I waded out to the bar to find knee deep water for another 50yds or so. There does not appear to be a outer bar, just goes deeper and deeper with no wave action other then the wind driven ones. Speaking of wind, it was blowing about 10mph straight in my face from the south, suppose to be like this all week.

About 100yds out from the bar I could see fish jumping and one of Chris's ducks sitting pretty, I knew it was going to be fun! First cast produced a crab, second cast a small croaker. Waded back for more bait, started to see larger fish jumping, foot to foot and a half range. Next cast produced a 12" silver fish with fangs and teeth, my southern cousin in law told me it was a white trout. A few more casts produced several more trout ranging from 12 to 16", kept two of the larger ones for dinner. Fished for a few more minutes and caught a small sheepshead and my first salt water catfish. Fished until the mullet was gone, took about an hour, caught maybe 15 fish, 4 on the same bait.

Went out for about an hour last night with the bigger stuff in hopes for a drum or toothy critter but all I could catch was catfish, some almost 2' long.

I have a feeling this is going to be a fun week! I'll post more as the week goes on along with some photos hopefully.

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Phil if you can, post a picture of one of those trout. I'd love to see it.
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I'll get one up later today hopefully, I'm not sure if they are a white trout or a spec trout. Silver/pink'ish on the side, one or two fangs on top jaw, row of teeth on the bottom. They don't tear up the line like blue fish do tho.
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White Trout from two days ago.

Fished twice yesterday, skunked in the morning, whole pile of catfish last night. Going to try the jettys near the fort tomorrow night. I hear there is a stray Drum hanging around there.
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Thanks for satisfying my curiosity Phil!

Have any mirro lures? If you can catch em on bait I bet you'd slay em slowly jerking a mirro lure...
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Posting from Knoxville Tenn tonight, on our way home. First time staying the night in Tenn, thought this would be our chance to add another state to the union, but was told that was not happening!

Fished on and off the rest of the week. Trout kinda moved off, some small kings (ground trout to the locals), were still around. Water cleared up a lot on Wed. Wade in up to your waste and still see your toes, was loving that until I saw a 5' ray swim past about 20 foot from me.

Highlite of the week was when my oldest Emma said she was going to go catch a king fish. I told her good luck, but I thought they were elsewhere at the time. She proceeded to bait up with a shrimp, wade out, cast, and catch what looked to me like a 3pm king about 18" long. She sure was proud, darn thing flopped off the hook before I could get a photo.

It was a fun week!
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Nice Trout.
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