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DIY Push Pole

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After using a closet bar the last few seasons to pole my 17', I needed to come up with something a bit longer. Closet bar was 10' and pretty much only good in water below 6'. What I decided to do was find a piece of bamboo. A local neighbors yard was full of it and kindly let me cut down a piece that taped out a bit over 15'. Stiffy charges $800.00+ for the real deal, total cost on this one was around $40.00. This is something natives and locals in S. Florida and the Caribbean used before the discovery of fiberglass/graphite. Ma-halo...

To me it's the best way to stay quiet in calm water and to assure I don't hit a big rock up here on the north shore when plying skinny water.


1. Bamboo- Find the straightest piece you can find. Mine had a bit of a bend at the top 1/5
2. Varnish- I would think optional but might help preventing drying and looks sweet as it adds a nice golden glow to the bamboo. Soft in the hands too. I used Satin Gloss Marinespar.
3. PVC "T" for the foot
4. (2) PVC Caps for the foot
5. PVC Cement
6. 3M 5200 adhesive.

Wash and scrub the bamboo after drying. NOTE DO NOT SAND AS HEAT GUN WILL NOT WORK AFTER SANDING! Also I did not add weight to the foot. I was afraid when mounted to the gunnels of my CC, it would bounce around too much with the added weight at the end. This will float a bit but I don't think it'll be of issue getting it down to the bottom.

1. Hacksaw- Best saw to use for cutting bamboo and the branches that come off it.
2. Heat Gun- To "burn" which allows the sugar? to come to the surface of the bamboo giving it a nice golden glow.
3. Disposable foam brushes for varnishing.
4. Mallet to set in foot and caps.

NOTE: After cutting I allowed the bamboo to dry out in the sun outdoors a good 2 1/2 months.
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Nice job! And good pics also. Thanks
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I don't own a boat and want to build one for a friend....thank you for sharing your idea.
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For those of you who think this is just a little to low tech, I can tell you that the guy I bought my boat from assembled the 20 foot push pole that came with the boat from components he bought from different places. I believe he said the graphite pole came from Loomis. The foot and point from two other sources. I bet he didn't spend $800 either.

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G.Loomis Push Poles

GL11412 18' $650.00 discontinued
GL11413 21' $695.00 discontinued

Push Pole Components

GL22620 Ferrule $22.00 discontinued
GL50583 Forked End Cap $42.00 discontinued
GL50584 Pointed End Cap $22.00 discontinued
GL54998 Pointed End Cap w/ Metal Tip $36.00 discontinued

Fly Fishermen tend to HATE low tech, especially those that can't cast 35'.
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Cabela's High Tide Push Pole 18' Eglass $220
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