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Have you guys been getting into any Kingfish yet? Curious.. I plan to get out next week. If so what baits were they hitting for you? Thanks Jim
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Yep, kings are out in the surf from AI to the Delaware beaches. I only caught two last saturday in DE after about 12 hours of fishing, so they don't appear to be around in their usual summer numbers yet. But it should only get better each day. Fishbites Bloodworms are the go to bait for kings and some add a small piece of squid to the fbbw for good measure.

Don't forget to read what others have written in the semi-monthly reports - this is a good indication of what's in the surf. GL
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Fishbites work, that's for sure. They are very convenient and all that. But I don't know that I'd call them the best kingfish bait. I use them but most times it's in combination with another bait. Ie. I'll put a small piece of shrimp or peeler on the same hook as a fishbite. Then if the soft bait gets eaten the durable fishbite is likely still there.

I think real bloodworms, small strips of kingfish belly or spot fillet, shrimp, shedder fleas, are all as a rule better baits. But the absolutely best bait on a consistent basis is peeler crab.
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Fihbites work as well as anything in my experience, although I've seen more Kings on Fishbites Squid strips than I have on Fishbited bloods so far this year.
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Small pieces of fresh spot or mullet always best bait or bunker if its real real fresh. FIllet and cut into small cubes with scissors. Oddly fresh king fillets suck for king bait. Guess they aren't carnivorous
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Now to bring the question in about rigs... how many tie their own, use floats, what hooks do you like, etc....

...sorry I'm bored and its really hot outside biggrin.gif

I tie my own, use small circles (1/0) and may or may not use 'floats'...

I usually tie two hooks per rig... typical high/low you find in stores... but I have a few "super" rigs which can have up to 3 hooks, sort of like a sabaki rig... and a single hook (that can cast like a single 5oz weight) over the bar.

and per a Doctor I know.... they are WHITING, not kingfish biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by Critter Gitter View Post

Oddly fresh king fillets suck for king bait. Guess they aren't carnivorous

I cut the belly meat out of a previously caught "kingfish / whiting / ling / sea mullet / sea monkey" and tear up the "kingfish / whiting / ling / sea mullet / sea monkeys".

Careful Marcus, I think there is a 3 hook per rig limit in MD.

I like Gamakatsu #4 "finess" hooks. They have a wide gap for a small hook so the bait doesn't obstruct the point. They are super sharp and very fine wire so they set very easily. Usually a 3-hook top/middle/bottom rig. Maybe an orange bead for color but no float.

Fish those rigs on a very limber rod with braid. The fish will take the rod down and the combination of the recoil with the limber rod, the no-stretch line and the super sharp, fine hook will set the hook. Works great in a spike. Common to reel in with a fish on every hook.
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I like everything about the little guys.I like catching them, eating them and I like to cut their heads off to use as bait.I like the nice warm weather on the beach when they are around too...those cold,harsh days out there are way overrated imo...
When I eat them, they are Kingfish...Whiting is bait haha..
I usually start with a plain homemade hi low and a small store bought float rig when I am trying for KF..If one rig is working better.I'll change over the low liner to match the high liner.
If I am drum fishin,I usually keep one rod out for KF with a scrap of spot or bunker and some FB.Whiting heads make a nice drum bait.
I tie rigs with 2 very short (2-3") hook loops and the sinker on the bottom to use when I want max distance.If you put small pieces of FB on a rig like this it will really go..
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It's actually a 2 hook per rod limit excluding lures which are counted as a single hook.
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I'll make them 3-2 then.... hmmm, I see sabiki's for sale in most if not all MD shops.....

I think i figured it out... for WHITING you can use a sabiki rig, since they are considered "baitfish".... but for Kingfish, its only a 2 hook minimum.... so Plug, when you use the 3 hook rig, just tell them that one of the hooks are for Kingfish and the other ones are for WHITING only...

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yeah, I didn't understand how sabiki's were considered either. Maybe like a lure?
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There are 3 east coast kingfishes (not counting the king mackeral, also called kingfish), none related to mullet. Sand mullet is a common name however. Not much difference from a fishing viewpoint but they are three separate species.



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All the pictures and genus I see about Whiting don't look or live where we fish... course this is from a IT guy, bored, and its HOT outside.... I say I'm catching "Southern Kingfish" = Menticirrhus americanus



Menticirrhus americanus - Southern Kingfish: This species grows to 20 inches (51 cm) in length. Seven to eight dark bands mark the sides which shade from dusky above to almost white on the belly. They are found from the Western Caribbean Sea to Cape Cod and most of South and Central America's east coast[2], over sand or mud in depths of at least 5 feet (1.5 m). This species is prized for its flesh, and is fished both commercially and recreationally.

Menticirrhus littoralis - Gulf Kingfish: The body is silvery in color and occurs in the surf zone from the Gulf of Mexico to Florida. In all other respects it is similar to M. americanus.

Menticirrhus saxatilis - Northern Kingfish: The size, habits, range and fishery is similar to M. americanus. The coloration is the same too, except for a dark V-shaped mark on the shoulder.
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It's funny how many names fish have.
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