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Fish are starting to move back off the rivers a bit, lower river is starting to see some action. This is rumor. I have been skunked in the mouth a couple times, but my ears n eyes say so.
Go east young man. This is early, but hey take a look. The drop in mid june is some fun fishing, fish going nuts from Portsmouth all the way to the mouth
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Went out last night after work for a few hours, really windy. Got some mac's and a couple schoolies just off the prison at the shipyard. Nothing to write home about, but nice to have a striper on the line. Headed out Saturday. Come on Stripers!
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Put in 3+ hours Sat and again Sun late afternoon/evening and each day it was slow. We picked a up a few fish here and there but there was nothing much going on. Macks are scarce compared to last week. Bass would take artificials if you could get on top of some. Strong east wind after three days of hard west wind, temps in the 50's (air) and 40's(water), and a sense of fall in the air - couldn't have anything to do with it.
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Fished the Piscat Sat. late morning to the afternoon. Couldn't find any bait. No stripers either. There was a chill in the air, that's for sure. Slow day but still nice to be out.
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was on the piscat sunday morning. did really well from very early till an hour or so past low, then nothing for the next 4 hours. left after noon with a pretty good sunburn. its nice to see the really small schoolies again, havnt seen them in numbers for the last couple of years.
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