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Finger Protectors

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Anyone use a finger protector glove when surf casting or simply a piece of tape wrapped on their index finger?
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I never found it necessary but if you want tape will work fine.
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2 wraps of duct tape for me.
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toughen em up in the pickle juice like the old days
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Mostly use an AS fingershield. Wet it first.
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For plugging i dont use any type of protection on my fingers but for throwing bait i usually use one of the cheapo finger guards they sell on the counter at the bait shop.
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I speculate that what you're talking about involves casting with a spinning rod/reel.

IMO using 30 lb. braid or under casting less than a 3 ounce lure - you won't need it (assuming the drag's set properly.)

If you're casting 4 ounces and bait, use a shock leader, and you won't need finger protection.

if you're casting 5 ounces or more + bait on braid or mono.. then perhaps some finger protection might be in order. There's my $.02
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Originally Posted by jameso20o View Post

Dude are you serious? You have flooded the forum with questions since day one. Now when a guy has a legitimate question you tell him to use the search
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I use sports tape. It works great and a roll will last all season. A quick tip is to start wrapping the tape at your finger tip. Tight lines.
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Thanks for the prompt replies. I guess I'll just stick with the tape. Works fine.
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search this topic, there are a wealth of threads about it with lots of great information


Coaches Tape


AS Gloves
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chuckin plugs the glacier glove gets it done or nothing when it is warm.For chuckin bombs ya can't beat the cannon

Breakaway Cannon - The Bionic Finger For Fixed Spool Reels
This casting aid for the fisherman using a spinning reel is the quickest way for someone to improve his or her accuracy and distance. Totally eliminates damage to the index finger during the cast. Just tape or wrap the cannon to the butt of the rod in a comfortable position above or behind the spool rim, allowing space for the bale arm to rotate.
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hockey tape
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johnson and johnson coaches tape.
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