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Tsunami 5 Star 7ft rod

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Went to Ramsey's today looking for an inshore rod that I could use to throw light plugs or spoons. I was considering the Shimano Teramar but just couldn't pull the trigger due to the price (too many home know the deal).

Anyway, I found a Tsunami 5 star rod (MH, 25lb test, 2oz) for $35. It felt nice and light but still strong. It was only one of a small few that came in 2 pcs. which is important since my car can't really hold a 7ft 1-pc easily.

I know it won't perform like a $100 rod but if you have one, how has it performed for you?

The one I got has a "surf rod"-like handle rather than your typical FW cork handle.
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You will find that Tsunami 5 stars are about the most bang for the buck that you're going to come across.

I have a 7' one piece MH rated 12-25lb line and 1 to 3 oz. lures, and a 6'6" one piece MH, both have cork handles.

I've caught large bluefish, false albacore, fluke, and stripers to 35 lbs. with them, it's not an issue with a reel that has it's drag set properly.

While I have more expensive rods, I fail to see any difference between them and the 5 stars performance wise, I doubt you will either, they can certainly get the job done without a problem.
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cant go wrong with the Tsunami 5
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The 5 stars are an exceptional rod...I had bought a 8' 5 star off a friend and was so impressed with it that i bought a 10'er this winter. Excellent rod for the money.
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Awesome. Got a couple of them. They can handle anything in their rating and quite a bit more. I have a 1/2 to 2ounce rod which will easily hang ten ounces off it! I would with out hesitation recommend these rods!
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I currently have the 7' one piece M spinning and have caught lots of blues, schoolie bass, and tons of fluke on it. It is perfect for these applications. I mainly toss 3/8oz w/ plastic on it and it tosses this perfectly--though I think it's ideal weight is 1/2-3/4oz. It easily tosses 1-2oz, but w/ less distance...

I also have (2) Tsunami Classic Series 7' M 3-piece travel rods which are just plain beautiful rods (though 2.5x the price of the one piece 5-star). I mean that they are good looking as well as high performing rods with a 5-year warranty to boot. I'm taking to Florida later this month for snook, reds, and jacks.
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I too have the same rod. I have not really used it yet, but it is nice and well built. It seems like it would be a nice fluke rod but may be to light. Put a Baitrunner 6000 on it and like it alot.
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I have 2 8fters and like them a lot for "bay" work and fluking from the beach
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I have a 9' surf as a back-up in case any of my friends want to come with me.

I also have a 7' conventional that I've caught some nice fish on.

For the money, you can't beat it.
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