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Let me be the first to break the news here. The age of oil is over. There are now cars that run on nothing but water! Check this article out:

And don't let the fact that a quick glance over the site reveals a vast array of all natural purely organic bovine processed fertilizer framed as news and information stimiluate your cynical skepticism. This is diffferent from all the rest of the tripe on that site. It's the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Because it's too good not to be true.

All they have to do is make these engines the size of a nuclear power plant and we'll have giant electricity producing perpetual motion machines and oil will forevermore be a footnote in our history. Or not.

Those who want to believe, I would encourage to sell oil futures short. Who will need oil if we get all the energy we want right from our tap, huh? Am I going to sell oil futures short? Nope. No way jose. Not on your life. Nix, nein, negative on that. But I would encourage the true believers to follow their hearts and make their fortunes and we'll see what the result of economic darwinism will bring.