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Newell Reel Parts

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anyone having any luck getting reel parts since the sale and Carl's passing?

All I need is a capnut for the handle of a C-235 had the nut pop off while jigging last fall... good thing I was holign onto the handle.....
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I have a guy here in south Jersey that i get my Newell parts from, give me a few days to see if he has the capnut you need. If he has it i'm going to the Mass Bass show this weekend, i can meet you there or mail it to you.

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Their website is up now but google didn't show it on the first page, didn't look much further down. They do have an email contact on the site.
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Call them up, I had no problems getting bearings...Norma will give you pricing over the phone..
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Ya gotta call norma 818-504-6085 she will tell ya how much, $ plus shipping, whether or not they are in stock .

Here's the important part: Then you send her the check or money order make sure you put the parts list ya need in with the check or MO so that she has a way to know what parts you want, when she recieves the check/MO and voila then when the check /MO clears she will ship you the parts. Be prepared to wait 4-5 weeks.

She said They will be doing credit/debit card orders , eventually, but when ????
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Thanks guys.
I'll give her a call.

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Just wondering if Norma had the nut and what the price was. I got a guy who has some spare parts, but his prices are kinda much. Didn't want to wait till Monday to call...thanks
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