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Blowing pine needles

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Does a leaf blower do anything for pine needles in the lawn or is it a waste of time....?
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Provided the grass is relatively short, it gets a lot of them up (although not all of them). Is best to do it after you have had a dry spell so that they are the grass are dry.
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The stronger the blower the better results. Those backpack blowers used to work great with pine needles.
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I have my eye on a backpack on the relative cheap. I don't have many hardwood leaves and what I do have are in an area where mulching them up with the mower is fine...It's the pine needles everywhere else in the yard that are the pita. So, I was wondering if the blower would move em.
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I find raking is more effective, although I don't have a backpack blower to compare against. Needles are a PITA no matter what.
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I have an electric blower and will work on the pine needles for the most part. Raking gets em all, but the blower still works. The more dry the better as mentioned.

Back yard gets loaded with them and not even from my trees.
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I have a small area of pine needles on my front yard. The only thing that works for me is to wind row them with the mower and then rake the wind row. If you have a rider, back over them. For some reason, they move much better. I get better mulch when backing over my leaf wind rows, and the leaves just disintergrate.
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A powerful blower will remove pine needles easily. Those wimpy electric ones, or the low horsepower cheepo gas models are a waste of time.
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