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General MMA Newz....

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WEC & UFC to join forces in 2011!

Thats all.
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By Ariel HelwaniPosted: Oct 28th 2010 12:30 PM
World Extreme Cagefighting is merging with its sister organization the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

In the video interview below, Dana White exclusively confirmed that the merger will take place in January 2011. In addition, White said that four UFC events will air live on Versus in 2011.

The final two WEC cards will air on the cable network on Nov. 11 and Dec. 16, which means that starting next year, the UFC will absorb WEC's 135, 145 and 155 weight classes.
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White explained the timing of the decision and what this means for all parties involved. He also provided updates on what's next for Brock Lesnar and Tito Ortiz, as well as his take on the Undertaker-Lesnar exchange following UFC 121.

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Hypotheatrical here..........

Who would win a hypothetical matchup if both fighters were to meet in their primes?

Cain Velasquez 32%620Fedor Emelianenko 68%1290Total Votes : 1910
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<H1 style="LINE-HEIGHT: 29px; MARGIN-TOP: 0px">Jose Aldo vs. Josh Grispi @ UFC 125

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Today sources close to the bout have confirmed to ****************.com that Jose Aldo will defend his UFC featherweight title against Josh Grispi. The bout is rumored to serve as the co-main event for UFC 125 in Las Vegas, NV on January 1st. Bout agreements have been delivered and are expected to be returned shortly.
The UFC had announced yesterday that Aldo would indeed defend his title on this card and most had assumed Mark Hominick would be the opponent. With an injury to Hominick, the UFC has pulled Grispi from his November 11th WEC bout with Eric Koch to fight for the UFC featherweight title. Grispi is undefeated in the WEC at 4-0 (14-1 overall) and has been relatively untested in the WEC, winning all his bouts inside the first round.
It is unsure at this time if a replacement will be named against Koch for the November 11th card or the bout will be scrapped all together.
UFC 125 is scheduled for January 1st and the main event will featuring UFC Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar defending his belt against Gray Maynard, who holds a previous victory over the champ.


....same to assume another slaughter here.... Dont know much about Grispi...

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Don't know too much about him either but did see him choke out Hominick in the first round. Maybe it was the second round but he choked him out.
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No beef between the Undertaker and Brock, right? The exchange most likely was about a scripted exchange that they were going to have that didn't materialize sinch Brock lost. Watch Under's eyes following Brock (out of camera) and nod of approval as Brock walks away.
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Grispi is a beast for a featherweight and is taller than Aldo (not that aldo hasn't fought taller fighters). he's won 10 straight fights and is 4-0 in the WEC. choked out Pulver, Davis and finished Micah all in the first round. his able to finish fights with the best of them and knows how to move around the ring very well and his striking is top level. he's very well rounded.
my money's on Aldo! PORRA!
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If you didnt see the Undertaker/Brock video as Brock left the ring all beat up....Its funneh!

Backstory on Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker

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On the Wrestling Observer Live on the Sports Byline USA Radio Network, Bryan Alvarez, a wrestling insider and MMA reporter, talked about what he's learned coming off the last week.

WWE wanted Brock to win the fight.

Brock/Undertaker were supposed to have a confrontation at the post-fight press conference.

Brock didn't attend the press conference because he felt he would be stealing Cain's moment.

Undertaker was waiting at the press conference, and when he got word Brock wasn't coming, he left.

When asked if the moment with Ariel, Brock, and Undertaker was planned. Brock's close friend Paul Heyman simply said, "Ariel is always in the right place at the right time."

Brock Lesnar is asking for Roy Nelson because he believes he is a difficult match-up and wants to test himself. (please make this happen...this interests mehhhh)

While Dana has said Brock cannot wrestle for WWE due to his contract. They are hoping Brock will be "the guest referee" at Wrestlemania in a match involving the Undertaker (and Wade Barett, if you really wanted to know who the other guy is).

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Why he wanna go and pick on the chubby fella????


Lets us...................Pray.....Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (worked last time didnt it!)

Brock Lesnar Wants To Fight Roy Nelson

by Nick Thomas on Nov 2, 2010 1:02 PM EDT in UFC News

According to Bryan Alvarez at Wrestling Observer Online (audio at the 35 minute mark):


Brock Lesnar has asked to fight Roy Nelson.

- Lesnar believes that Nelson is a very difficult match-up and wants to be tested.

- The UFC will first offer Brock Lesnar a third fight with Frank Mir.

Plus more on the Undertaker / Brock Lesnar confrontation at UFC 121 after the jump.

- WWE's idea was to do something with Undertaker and Brock Lesnar after the event at the post-fight press conference .

- Ariel's interview was a complete coincidence and Paul Heyman said that Ariel was in the right place at the right time.

- WWE wanted Brock Lesnar to win the fight. Lolz....

- Brock didn't attend the post-fight press conference because he didn't want to steal the moment from

Cain Velasquez.

- Undertaker and Michelle McCool were waiting at the post-fight press conference but when it was clear Brock wasn't coming, they left.

- WWE is hoping to get Brock Lesnar as a guest referee for an upcoming fight between Undertaker and Wade Barrett. Lolz....
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Oh no....Brock is going to get another beat down he would be better off
fighting Mir LOL..
Nelson is going to send his rear back to the WWE.... hey at least there the
outcome is already set and he wont get hit
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After he beats Nelson he'll beat Mir and then get his belt back.
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BAAHAAAAAAAAAAA... thank you i needed a good laugh this morning
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Originally Posted by Drako View Post
BAAHAAAAAAAAAAA... thank you i needed a good laugh this morning

you cant be serious about Lesnar loosing to Nelson.He is going to house that fat sorry excuse of a mma fighter. Nelson beat a bum street fighter and thats it. He couldnt beat dos santos and he wont be lesnar.
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ahh he did pretty good for being a little overweight and santos couldnt
finish what does that say for him...

One thing we do know Nelson can take a shot...Brock on the other hand
yea i have to go with Nelson on this one...
But i doult...that White will let it happen think about it, if Nelson was to beat
Brock or KO him OMG!!!
White would lose all kinds of money on that, because everybody would finally
realize that Brock is just good at those make believe fights

If Mir beat brock he would still have some flow in MMA, but if country nelson
beat him...he would be just another white Kimbo...
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