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smoked salmon

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looking for ideas gona do 40-50 lbs in the next 24 hours and it needs to be done so any input would be kool
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Can't help you, as I have never smoked salmon (although I have eaten plenty of it).

But to help others help you, will you be hot smoking or cold smoking?

I would think the techinque and the pre-preparation would be different for each.
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i will probably be doing both as my neighbor has an electric smoker and i have 2 webbers. i know the smoking part, but its more the prep that im looking for help or info on. the electric will be probably be going 6-8 hours and the webbers up to 3-4
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I started using a dry cure to smoke fish which I got from a friend who used it for salmon and trout. Just 3:1 brown sugar and salt. I've also seen recipes with white sugar up to 8:1 salt. Mix it well and pack a layer on all sides, wrap, fridge a few hours to overnight. Rinse, dry, on a rack in fridge uncovered until dry, few hours to overnight. First few hours at 150 on smoker, then up to 200 to finish, maybe an hour or two to internal 160 min. My friend made some with cracked pepper on top for the smoke that was nice and I've tried some herbs in the cure mix and for the smoke.
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Watch out for salmon worms, I bought two sides of wild salmon at hannford and smoked it after about an hour on the smoker these pin like white worms started crawling out

Lets just say I got a refund and had steak instead
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lol no worms yet these are straight from ontario and smoked some yesterday and cured in the fridge and were yummy
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every year from Ontario, usually Kings and some Coho. No salmon worms.
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Here's my recipe for smoked salmon that works pretty well;

For one side of salmon (about 3 pounds)


1 large bottle of store bought terryaki sauce
3/4 cup kosher salt
1/2 cup brown sugar
4 cups of water (or enough to cover the fillet)

Brine for 3 or 4 hours, then remove, give it a quick rinse under cold water, pat dry and put in the fridge uncovered for at least an hour.

I have used both a small electric Little Chief smoker and my WSM, and I think it comes out better on the electric smoker, but your results may vary.

Smoke over your favorite hardwood chips....I like apple, for 4 hours or until the fat starts to ooze out from the thicker parts of the fillet. You can smoke longer or shorter based on your desired texture.

Good luck.

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I use a brine I got from on the water and then do a final coat w/ honey, soy sauce, and Jdaniels. I can get you the recipe when I get home if you haven't smoked yet. Man that sounds freakin good.
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oops, just noticed this is old. well for future referenedce
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still have fish in freezer way to much fish to do in 2 smokers, i need one that can hold about 50lbs or so lol ill thaw and make more.
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and thanks gilbey ill give it a try and ty zimmy ill have to make a batch and meet u on the river some time
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