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Centaur Pacific reels

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I've got several Centaur Pacific reels in various conditions and a RuMer. Do these have any collectable value?
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OK, five days with no reply. Guess they're junk. In the garbage they go.
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Not Junk depending on condition. Do an SOL search and you will find the Harding CO (Great Brittan)had the Patents for these and others. Post pics because I like the design of the Centaurs I saw with the drilled spools. Bubs
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There is a guy here on the Gulf Coast that is a big fan of the 5. He has built a custom roller for the manual and fitted a 706z handle on it. It is a wicked reel.
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Doing another search I found the Centaure was a French reel, probably made by Pezon and Michel. Who also made the Luxor and not the French Ru-Mer. I thought something wasn't right because of the very different designs.Value should be similar to a luxor which in very good shape roughly $40. They were both well made and many are still around [which affects value also]. Besides the drilled spool reel I saw, I like the Centaure pistol grip handles. Bubs
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Thanks for the answers. These aren't in the best of condition but there's extra spools with them. Just didn't want to toss them if someone had an interest. I'll look up the people you guys mentioned. Thanks again.
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I love the old brown Centaure's with the double finger grip, very cool looking reel.

Unfortunately not very valuable

I've yet to see a Ru-Mer in decent shape. The white metal they used rotted away around salt water.
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Before you throw them away--mine is broke, maybe I could use some of the parts.
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