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Casting braided line with conventional reels?

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I fish several conventional reels on a regular basis. (Penn 525, Avet MX, SX, and a Penn Squidder). I have always used mono until this past summer when I spooled up my SX MC with braid. I couldn't make 3 casts in a row without the line binding up on itself and jamming on the cast swinging lead back towards my head or landing 30 feet in front of me. I think I am laying the line on fairly carefully each time. I don't know if I could reprogram my thumb if I tried.

I ended up re-spooling the reel with 14# mono and using the braid on one of my spinners.

Anyone here using braid on conventional reels with advice?
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try heavier braid so it doesnt dig into itself as easy
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I have an AVET SX MC, I use fireline, you also need to get a better feel for those reels, they are so damn fast even with the MC, that you have to find the groove with casting them. They were not designed as surf casting reels. Just practice, utilize more thumbing and that should solve your problem.

I used to use PowerPro, but some of the birds nests used to be paralyzing, try the fireline, its a little easier to work with.
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I used 65lb test braid on my MXL MC and got birds nests occassionally, and on almost every cast after catching a fish. My problem was that line was not being spooled perfectly even as I reeled in. For whatever reason, that caused a backlash on every cast. I never had this issue of line lay with mono, so I didn't think much of it at first. But once I focused on laying the line evenly, the backlashes went away.

Other than that, lightly thumb the spool through the entire cast. If you hear the line make a slapping noise as its leaving the spool, slow it down a bit with your thumb.
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It's not the backlash from the cast that's the problem, it's that the line has eaten into itself on the spool that seems to be the problem.... zero problems with mono...
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When braid digs into itself on the spool it's because it is not spooled under enough tension. That's one problem with braid on a's tough to lay the line evenly with much tension when you are retrieving light lures. If you're chucking 8oz the weight tensions while the thumb guides, but with a 2oz plug much of that effect is lost!
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Put the line on as tight as you can get it. I spool up the reel, tie the end of the line to something and walk away, then respool with the drag set high and my rod bent nearly over.The last 100 yards or so can be a lot looser.

When you retrieve your lure/bait, thumb the line across the spool faster. I cross the spool every turn of the crank (6.1 spool revolutions), this will make it harder for the line to dig into itself.

I use 65 lb braid most of the time, but 50 lb PowerPro(or equivalent thickness) works too.

I use 25lb mono when I chunk a spiked rod(rarely), but I need to feel the lure working when I'm plugging.

Edit: see post above, When I am using a plug that doesn't pull back, or one that causes slack on the retrieve(spook), I level with the line pinched between my thumb and forefinger. I'm terrible with pencils, so I usually forget to put one in the bag.
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I don’t know advice I can give…

Other than to reassure that braid works very well on convench reels. I am not a hyper distance caster like some here, but I fish without backlash or other problems and enough fishing distance for my applications. The reels are adjusted to mostly cast with little thumb control….Except for the Squidders which I grew up casting.

I use # 50 on most and #40 and #30 on a couple, in fact I’ve never used mono on any of these particular reels: Penn Squidder 146, 145, Penn 525, Abu 7000-C3, and a couple of older Abu 6000-6500 series. Before super braid, I used braided Dacron or Micron.


I think Stewie’s advice is good; you may be putting the line on not tightly enough. There is some amount of resistance, or LACK of resistance where one pinches the line to increase the tension. I think this becomes instinctual to anyone who has done this a lot. Sorry, not very helpful.

Generally, I try to imitate a level-wind reel with my line thumb; one wrap right beside the next and NEVER climbing the spool sides…..But there is all sorts of latitude here, at least with my usage. Broader wraps will no doubt work or Stewie and others wouldn’t suggest it.

I don't use mono for the surf-fishing I do. Braid has never given any problems and only improved the sensitivity of the equipment. I can feel the slightest little smelt tap on the bait out at 300 feet or so. One can even feel what the bottom is; smooth soft sand, or a few gravel pieces. I think even shells on the edges of sloughs and troughs. (Good spots, those)

Casting a tin, I can feel a few strands of eel grass on the teaser or metal. A plug is usually a bit less sensitive, I think. But with that plug you want to feel the slightest little difference too.

Have faith, it works good.
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I use 50lb PP on ABU 6500 and old Daiwa 6HM. Both have level winds. Absolutaly no problems at all. No thumbing unti lure or lead touches down. Thumbing during a cast constantly will cause trouble let alone lost distance. Open cage reels you may just be getting line digging in when playing a fish or freeing from a snag. It probably has alot to do also even with a Level wind reels in how the linbe is laid on. If it is too uch like say a cotton reel expect problems. More cross lay is better stops line digging in.

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Forget all the other lines!

The only one I'll put on a conventional reel (for casting) is Stealth

Something about the way it's made makes it perfect for beach casting.

I've heard it's because the Teflon is impregnated throughout the line rather than just as a surface coating. I've also heard because it's rounder, thicker ............ blah, blah, blah........

Whatever the reason, it fishes like mono. Anytime you do get a backlash (and we all do) it pulls out as easily as it does with mono. The other lines will cost you half a spool of line and 45 minutes to clear.

In quite a few years and many, many thousands of casts I've had to cut out one backlash - two if you count the time I let Gary try casting it (RIP, miss you pal )

My 6500 size plugging reels are spooled with 30#, 7000 size bait reels with 65# to 80#

And after having raved about it like that, I have to add a disclaimer.

Stealth is crap on spinning gear, don't even think about it.
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Hmmmmmmmm, Stealth. If Sudsy says so, I'll give it a try.
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That's a specific and strong recommendation from a veteran surfcaster. I'll try it too.
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I try to use a longer leader of mono on top of the braid. Enough mono to cover my cast and with plenty of braid backing for added line capacity.
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I suppose it is the way I'm laying the line back onto the reel.

I'll try again this Fall. I don't even think about the way my thumb moves during retrieve, it's automatic. I suppose I don't have enough resistance when retrieving, and I probably am not making the cross weave big enough cause the line certainly does dig into itself. This was with 50# Sufix braid.
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i have a 525m set up for plugging, loaded with fireline crystal 20# - luv that stuff, no problems.
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