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Blind Splice

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For most all my heavy fly lines to backing I use a blind splice, but one of my lines back loop has broken, this is on a 10wt line. What knot would you recommend to tie my backing to my fly line thanks
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Now, THIS is a good question. I'll wait for the real knot cognoscenti to step up to the plate.
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I'd just make a loop out of braided mono and attach it to the fly line with two nail knots at the end of the braid since you already have a loop on the backing.

If you don't like braided mono for some reason, (like the noise it makes going through the guides) you could always use regular dacron braided backing or dacron trolling line.

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I suspect it depends on the specie of fish targetted, weight of backing, and how often backing gets in the water.

For inshore species, I'd make a small loop on the fly line by simply folding it back on itself, lashing with some 6/0 thread, adding a drop of crazy glue, and finishing with a short length of shrink tubing.

On the backing, I'd make an 8" loop with either a treble surgeon's knot, spider hitch, or bimini twist. Then, you can change out fly lines very easily.

For offshore species, best to visit the search engines or offshore forums, like Dan Blanton's for ideas. Like the moderator indicated above, folks will have 'pet' styles of connections, regardless of specie or location.
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I 've always done my saltwater line to backing conn. similar to KenD; small whipped loop in flyline but instead of shrinkwrap I coat the threads with a couple of thin coats of pliobond.I make a large loop in the backing with a bimini and then join with a double loop to loop. Ralph
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I like the Nail Knot tied to the main line. And make a double surgeons Loop knot on the end. I have also whip fishished the nail knot & added a dab of Loons Knot Sense over the knot.

I think in an older post Herb used the Knot Sense to tell what line he was using by putting a dab or 2-3 on the end of the line.

Knot Sense is a product simular to the new acrylics ( Tuffeye,CCG,BB ) that bonds with a UV Light ( Blue Lite with Tuffeye ) The Sun will also cure it.
So if you decide to try it make sure you apply the Knot Sense indoors & the go outdoors to cure thats if you don't have a UV light.

Knot Sense sells for $6.95 at most Fly Shops. It comes in a 1oz tube. I've also used it on the head of flies. Dreies Clear & Hard & no Tacky effect.
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Thanks been giving this some thought and I,m going to tie a nail knot and a short length of strong mono with a surgeon's knot, to my blind splice. Tried to form a new loop but the knot is to big. Thanks everyone
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Except in extreme cases of big-game fishing, I suspect that all methods are at least good enough, with the "best" method being that at which the individual doing the tackle work is the most skilled. Knots are like that generally, and this is a particular kind of knotwork.
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I like a straight peice of 50lb or 60lb mono of 12 inches double nail knotted with pliobond flexi glue. 12 inches in case the surgeons loop or perfection loop gets messed up and u can tie another loop during the season or on the water. Of course thats for my 10wt set-up.. 9 wt I would use 40lb. 8wt and under 30lb.
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Very strong knot joining fly line and backing is Albright. If Albright becomes too thick the coating should peeled away 1/2 which is the core section which is folded. Or whole Albright can be tied to core only to have very slim connection.

Nail knot is not strong as backing peels coating off. Some line coating break very easy. It has not failed with everyone but anyhow Nail knot is weak.

New loop to fly line is easy to weld with heat gun (or lighter fire heat) and heat shrink tubing if line must changed often.
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You beat me to it. I use the Albright Knot a lot to attach backing to running end of fly lines. I like it as it is strong and you lose very little running line making the knot.

I find about 8 turns is enough or Knot will not pull up nicely.

The great thing about the Albright Knot is that you can do it dead easy in the field and to any fly line. You can even use it as an emergancy Knot at the front end of your fly line to attach your leader to. I have had to do this a couple of times. It is my get out of jail card.

Good to practice for OP as there is a knack in how you pull the knot together.

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There are a whole lot of ways to make connections for sure but for big fish I've switched to making my own braided loops. The first one I ever used was done by a Bass Pro Shop down here, and it fell apart by itself. The pre-made ones I bought a while back fell apart too.

However, I've learned how to do them myself, after a big discussion about them here a couple years ago and swear by them now. Certainly, they are overkill for most fishing.

I just made a video that I think is more clear than what I could find when I was trying to figure out how to do them.

Here is a youtube link if anyone is interested assuming it doesn't get erased.

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excellent video thanks
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Ditto. Excellent video, and hilarious commentary. Thank you.

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What pound test was the holllow mono braid?

Excellent video. I plan to install one on a shooting head tonight.

One suggestion. Color the mono with an indelible marker to camouflage it from the biters. Spanish Mackerel love anything on a fly line that is different.

Thank you. Another reason to visit this site. I'll send your video to my son.

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