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10 or 12 ft ugly stick

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New to Surf Talk and the best source of info around. I am getting back into fishing the South Shore beaches, Long Beach to Captree both ocean and channels. I was considering the 12 ft Ugly Stick and Shimano baitrunner spinning set-up since I like using bait. Stopped in a tackle shop and the owner said a 10 ft stick was more than enough for my needs (he didn't have the 12 ft in stock). I thought the 12 ft would give me a little extra distance once I got used to it. Any insight into my selection would be greatly appreciated.
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I use a 9' & 10' rod and I get about 30-40 yds. it's all in the cast and the line. I prefer 20# braided as it has a diamiter of a 10# mono. but it's about preference. Good luck to you
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12' is way too big for me, but use what feels right. i mainly use a 9' heavy tica i bought here for 8oz and a chunk but a 7' st. croix triumph for artificials up to 2.5oz. do what feels right!
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It's all in how you cast. I see people all the time in the surf doing an overhead cast and putting all their power into it and only getting 50 yards max.

My little 7 foot Ugly Stick with 10 pound Ande on it gets me 125 yards Plus and I barely put any effort into it at all.

Use your body...not your arms when casting. Twist your hips and use your lower body/legs for the power. Your arms are just for direction.

I use 7's and 8's for Demo/Smiths Point/North Shore and I have a 12 for Montauk.
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I've had both the 10' and 12' Ugly sticks. If I had to pick, I might say the 10. 12 is a little whippy at the tip and I don't feel provided an advantage.

However, I've dumped all the Ugly Sticks for Ocean master from Bass Pro. They handle the heavier weights much better.
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fine for 50% of the surf,
there are many times, just doesnt have it to reach that channel between the breakers, close but not quite,
12' would help reach those channels, yet i wouldnt want to lug/store a 12'
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i go tica tc3 dolphin surf 10'6". more than enough in my opinion for surf when throwing anything btwn 2-8oz
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Go with what the tackle shop owner and what others posted here.Go with the 10' rod.Depending how well you cast you might find it hard to cast the 12' and not gain any distance.You will also find you are going to tire yourself out casting that 12' rod much quicker than with 10' rod.
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Originally Posted by BassMe View Post
i go tica tc3 dolphin surf 10'6". more than enough in my opinion for surf when throwing anything btwn 2-8oz

I have the same one. Its just perfect and casts like a slingshot...pairs so perfectly with a Shimano BR 4500....I love that rod.
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The 10 is more than enough. A lot of people think a long rod will cast futher but think about it. You can whip a lighter shorter rod a lot quicker than a longer heavier rod. And those Ugly Stick are heavy!
If you have the Money I'd look into a Tica. Great Rod & Great Price.
I've fished & own everything from a ugly stick to a St Croix Legend & just about everything in between. I also live on the south shore of LI & again a 10' if more than enough if your planning on plugging. If you want to throw bait than tha't another story. But Plugging a 12' heavy stick for any length your going to get tired real quick.
One of my favorite set ups is a 9' rod. You can throw it all day & all night.
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Just to update my decision. I hit the beaches and spoke with many helpful guys fishing in addition to all the great info from the SOL members. I ended up getting the 12 ft ugly stick with an Okuma Coronado 65A Baitfeeder both for under $130. It will be used for tossing bait with a spike. So far I have been happy with the set-up and my distance continues to improve with each trip out. I decided to rebuild my 704z bailess (if i can find the parts) and pair that up with a 10-10.6 Lami , St. Croix or Tica for plugging and buck-tailing. Between the two I should have a decent setup for both moving and working or sitting with friends and the cooler. Only problem with SOL is when I log on at work and start reading the posts i want to skip out early and hit the water.
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I think you guys are right on with the 10' but the 12' isn't bad either because when spiked it will keep you line higher so it could be beneficial in a heavier surf.

The only knock on those rods is that they are quite heavy so plugging may wear you out if you decide to do that.
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You know what is interesting about this thread is the need for proper casting technique.

I thought I was a fairly good caster, so I went and bought a 10 rod and my cast was horrible.

I started practicing casting using my body and my cast continues to improve...its almost like perfecting a golf swing in a sense that you really need to practice and understand how to wip cast and release at the proper angle to create the arc.
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i solved my wave issue with a 4' 1 1/2 pvc pipewith footing to get it deep into the sand.
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hi etsok and welcome i recommend a 12 foot penn spinfisher rod ( kmart ) 60 bucks!! top it off with a spinfisher reel (650ss- 850ss) and youve got a surf setup thats hard to beat - will launch 2-3 oz plugs perfectly .. it always makes me laugh when i ask the same question to these expert surfcasters .. i am alwAys told a 9 or 10 ft rod is all i need
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