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Fishing the Long port Jetty

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Two weeks ago I went out to the longport jetty for a nice day of fishing. There were 10-15 people fishing and nothing was biting for anybody.

An hour or so into the day a boat stops 10 yards off the jetty and they anchor right there. Two guys put on scuba gear and one of them has a spear gun. So they start swimming right along the rocks, up and down both sides of the jetty.

So 20 minutes after them being in the water I look down to the far end of the jetty and see a guy that seemed to have a pretty big fish on. But then I realized that he actually had the guy spear fishing. The guy kept on swimming, not realizing he was hooked up. He must have went 50ft down the jetty before he heard everyone yelling at him. It was pretty funny, he came up out of the water pretty pissed off. He couldn't get the hook out of him so he just cut the line and let the guy reel it back in.

The guy spearfishing said there were a ton of fish down there, big fluke, tog, and a few stripers, but none of us seemed to be getting any bites.

Now my question to you all is how stupid is it to go spear fishing along a jetty when there are 15 hooks in the water. Honestly if you stay long enough your bound to get caught. It just doesn't seem to make any sense.

During my few hours there only one guy caught anything. One nice sized tog, but it didn't matter since it wasn't in season and one king fish, both were caught using clam.

I tried all kinds of bait, but nothing seemed to get any bites at all. The only thing that got eaten was minnows, but It must have been crabs because they were shredded apart and I didn't have any bites.

Anyway it was a pretty interesting day on the jetty.
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I have fished both those jetties with no success, but I always seem to go back.......
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I'm fine with sharing the water to all user groups but the first come first serve rule still applies in my eyes. I have had a few times now where I am fishing a jetty all by myself and basically sticking to one side andf casting in a general area and yet the speargun guys get in and swim around right in front of me. The whole other side of the jetty is wide open to use. It's not like the one side was protected with calmer water because these guys only come out in droves when the water is really flat and clear. They just don't give a damn and it's worng and it IS a mugging. Problem is 75% of the time the speargun guys are just summer kids who saw spear fishing on tv and want to give it a try. They have zero clue what a mugging even is

I've tried to explain this to a few of them and I have found that it's better to just tell them to keep an eye out for a big thresher I saw a little while come cruising by.

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If 15 guys are there than they should know better not to spearfish that jetty. There is another one not far from that location they could have tried.
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I fish that jetty. If I was there first, and other guys are also fishing that jetty and guys try and come in spearfishing. I will tie on a brand new 10/0 snagger. I'll yell to them I'm gonna be gripping and ripping, so be ready.
People are unreal. The F'n jetty is small as it is.
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Sounds like the guy is lucky he didn't run into any of these mexican families I see show up in mass. They would have had 7 rods into him in no time.
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time for a 3-5oz bucktail. ready, aim, cast.

that is ridiculous.
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go to that jetty alot and cant seem to get anyrhing to bite
then theres always one guy there sying "shoulda been here yesterday, tons of fish"
but ive never seen any scubadivers there
but just the other day i saw a scuba diver diving from the jetty in atlantic city in front of the flagship
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