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Sea Isle Surf Fishing

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Heading to Sea Isle for our family vacation, starting 6/19. We rent a home near 59th street, right on the bay. I've fished from our dock and marsh in our area. This year I wanted to try some surf fishing. Perhaps walking the beaches for blues. I know about Townsend Inlet. However are they area beach areas to surf fish near my location? Not looking for your secret spot, just wondering more the regs.

From the net search:
Surf Fishing Beaches:
Townsends Inlet Bridge area situated south of 93rd Street. Sea Isle beaches situated north of 20th Street. Any beach area adjacent to rock jetties not designated as a surfing or kayaking beach.
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Sea Isle is tough surf fishing..the beaches are flat for so far out it's tough to get a cast into any deeper waters. I have caught fluke and small bass though if you find some holes. TI is loaded with grass and sea lettuce all the time which makes it tough to plug.
They just did a massive beach replenishment project down there. 20 yard beaches are now 100 yards will be shocked. Maybe it created some deeper waters. I know it changed the bars that were there.
That new big jetty in Avalon is nice too...gets you into deeper water.
I like kayak fishing down there...drift outside the bars for fluke. Always cocktail blues working too. Seen massive cow nose rays schools too there in summer.
Good luck.
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Which jetty in Avalon, on the inlet?
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Yeah, which jetty? 8th street on at the inlet?
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