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News to me-goodbye felt sole wading boots

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Is this cutting edge info or am I behind the curve again?

Was at LL Bean today to trade in some old leaky waders for brand new leaky waders. The lace loops on my Simms boots are rotting out so I started looking at boots.
Rubber, rubber, 200 dollar rubber, 250 dollar rubber with studs. NO felts--- WHAT???

LL Bean is proudly leading the charge and Simms is about to follow. Felt moves traces of invasive plant species from one body of water to the other.
So I asked if he had used them and how they are. He took a quick look over his shoulder, turned and said, "they suck". They did have some with studs and he hasn't been in them yet.
I will be taking my felt sole Simms to the crazy cobbler in Portsmouth for new loops, I hope to hell he can do it.

Oh Well.
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Bean actually recalled all of the felt sole boots from the stores an destroyed them. Not sure if they are still doing it but for a while if you brought in a pair of felt sole boots, no matter who made the or how bad a shape, they would give you 20% off a new pair.
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From a manufactures point of view, innovation is the future..... The perfect product is the one that makes others obsolete.

The trouble is there is so much sh#T in peoples closets that they won't throw away & an equal amount of sh#t that hasn't really changed in 10 years and is still being produced today. Without a lot of innovation out there, the only choice is to convince the consumer what they have is wrong. In this case "felt".

I read about the felt providing a super highway for invasive plants, about 4-5 years ago. I never gave it much merit up here in the northeast.
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two words Rock Snot nasty stuff
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My new simms are vibram rubber soles and I love em. Food for thought.
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Felt soles are poor for the slippery rocks in the salt anyway, in my experience. You need Korkers or studs, so it makes no difference to me what the soles are.
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Originally Posted by bbt030 View Post

Just got rubber with studs from Bean. Pleasantly surprised.
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why are all cobblers crazy???
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Originally Posted by MDM View Post
why are all cobblers crazy???

Same reason mad hatters where, mercury vapors!
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Dear Little,


This thread is quite old, but my need is very current.


I too live on the seacoast of NH and need felt soles reattached to some like new wading boots I inherited from my dad. I've heard the cobbler in Poirtsmouth is a bit nasty. I have no problem dealing with an attitude, so long as the work is good and the price is fair.


What was your experience? Did you end up bringing your boots there?


Thanks in advance!


-B Horton

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The word "cobbler" is a funny sounding word in 2012.

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I've used the cobbler in Portsmouth... no complaints.
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Thanks RyeToast...I'll check with him and the Shoe Hospital up in Dover. Wondering if I can find some rubber replacement soles that may make the job easier and the the boots more eco friendly. I'm not so good at scrubbing that felt down with a diluted amonia solution inbetween freshwater endeavours. Appreciate the feedback.

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The new, so called, "sticky rubber" soles on wading boots are, in my experience, not very sticky or safe when one is walking on silppery rocks, be it in a trout stream or on a jetty.  This year I bought a pair of Korkers wading shoes which came with changeable soles, "sticky rubber" soles and felt soles.  I wore the rubber soles once fishing in a fresh water river with slippery rocks and was constantly slipping and sliding.  The next time out on the same river, I changed to the felt soles and had no difficulty all day.  I haven't used the rubber soles which have studs but I am sure that they are better than those without studs.

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