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New To Crimping Wire & Nylon Coated Wire

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I'd like to learn how to crimp wire leaders and make leaders out of nylon coated wire as well. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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chunk, I use a Jinkai SC-3C crimping tool and their aluminum sleeves.

It's pretty simple: figure what lb. test you want to use and order the correct size sleeve. Take a look at Tackle Direct or use Google. The crimpers were around $50. You can find cheaper ones, but I wouldn't skimp. They'll last forever.

Take a look at knottable wire like Tyger leader too. It's knottable, vinyl coated, multi-strand wire. Knots as easy as limber mono.
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I would start by getting a decent set of crimpers. I bought a cheap set under $20 and replaced them soon after for a better pair. If you google leadertec you will find all the info you need. Very informative site!!!
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coincidence, I had the same question, ran a search this morning and found this posted by a fellow SOL
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The easiest way if you are using coated wire is to put snap or swivel on wire. form loop and twist tag end over standing line. You then pass the twists over a flame (lighter or candle), this will fuse the twist together and result in a very strong connection. Just remember you are trying to fuse the material together, too much heat will cause it to burn off and you will be left with a weak connection. It takes alittle practice but is really easy once you get the hang of it. I have used this method sucessfully for gator blues (15+ lbs) and have never had one fail, and the best thing is there are no additional tools or supplies needed. If going after larger toothy gamefish, I would use single strand wire and a haywire twist.
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I use the double / oval crimp sleeves for both mono & wire. Get the proper crimp sleeve (smallest that will fit your leader) and use the cup opposing cup part of your crimp tool (center tool on sleeve) and end will balloon/flare out. Mark Sossin & Lefty Kreh's book "Practical Fishing Knots" has a nice section on crimping.
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Dont skimp on your crimping gear.Order tackle craft from cabelas or Janns Netcraft they have tons of stuff and the catalog is free.For those interested Janns has some of the best prices on cast nets.
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