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Teamsters at garbage co. balk at $110K average pay package

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Anyone looking for a lucrative job?


Teamsters dump Waste Management's 'best, last, final offer'
by KOMO Staff

Originally printed at

SEATTLE -- The Teamsters Local 174 says it has chosen not to accept Waste Management's 'best, last, final offer."

Union spokesman Michael Gonzales said the Teamsters have submitted a new proposal with "significant movement," and have no plans to strike.

"We have requested that the employer return to the bargaining table, and at the time of this press release we have not received a response," he said.

But Waste Management spokesperson Jackie Lang said the company is standing by its "last, best, final offer," and in the case of worst-case scenario, will utilize the workers it has standing by under its contingency plan.

Waste Management on Wednesday presented the union with what it calls a "generous compensation package" for the 350 union members. But the union said the company's contains "significant changes that had not yet been discussed in bargaining."

"The idea that the company can introduce new language and throw all kinds of changes at us and expect our members to vote on a short deadline is offensive," said Rick Hicks, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 174 and lead negotiator.

"From a union's perspective, this appears to be a tactic to divide the membership and force them to vote on a substandard deal," said Local 117 Secretary-Treasurer, Tracey A. Thompson. "This approach to bargaining calls into question whether the company is bargaining in good faith."

Waste Management's five-year offer includes a wage increase of $1 per hour in the first year, bumping up the current pay rate of $26.29 per hour by 3.7 percent.

By the last year of the contract, the average driver's annual compensation will reach $109,553, Waste Management said, and the company will contribute more than $15,000 per year to each employee's pension fund. (View the full proposal)

In addition, Waste Management said it is offering a one-time $1,000 bonus to each employee if the contract is ratified by April 3.

"By attaching an artificial deadline, it looks like they're trying to ram a bad contract down the sanitation workers' throats," said Brent Barrett, a yard waste driver.

The Teamsters' contract with Waste Management expired on March 31; however, workers chose not to strike and continue negotiation talks.

The reached a tentative deal with Allied Waste on Wednesday. The details of the agreement were not released.
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Screw the union, there are a lot of people who would just be bangin on the door for a job
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If 109K to drive a garbage truck is a bad contract, I'd like to see a good contract.
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Well being a garbage collector is very very hard work! If you haven't did it before go for it. Apply for the job and do it. It has been know to knock the starch from all of these so called hard workers and leaving them quitting in just three days. It is fast paced("schedule to keep") with heavy lifting and not to mention the barking and biting dogs. I would like to see them get a $200,000 package because it is damn hard work, not to mention the smell of the place!
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I would bet the truck drivers are not the ones who have a big issue with the deal. It's more than likely the guys who drive on the back. If the average hourly wage is 26.29 figure out how many hours you would need to work per week to make 110K. That number is lower because of the guys riding the back who make sig less.

I'm not saying they deserve more money I am just saying when you look at it I doubt the truck drivers are the ones having an issue. yet the article is trying to pull a bait and switch with the numbers and who is getting what.....

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Originally Posted by ScottO View Post

Breaking a sweat doing all that lifting

OK, I'm done joking. Back in Bristol RI the garbage men did it by hand. One guy driving the other guy hanging on the back. Each stop they would jump out and hammer through the cans, bags or whatever and jump back on the truck. They did bust their ass and hope they made some good pay.
I've heard they can earn a good paycheck. 100K sounds to good to be true though.
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That isn't 110K in their pocket. Title says pay package; pay check and benefits. Their hourly benefit package (pension, annuity, insurance,vision,dental) probably costs $25/hr. $27+$25=$52 hr x40hr/wk=$2080x52 wk/yr =$108,360

Now before ya get all po'd about the benefit costs, how many here have similar benefit packages with their work? And make MORE than 27 bux an hour ?
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Come on, guys. It's not like everyone has the mental and physical ability to drive, pick up and dump cans of garbage. Only the best and brightest make it through the 10 years of post secondary schooling, have the mental aptitude, and the average strength necessary to do this job. You should see my driver. He has the physical attributes of Arnold Schwarznegger in his prime, combine with the mental acuity of Robert Oppenheimer. If he wasn't driving a truck, he would be curing cancer.

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f-em, fire the lot of them and go non union!
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well fire em and hire 3 new employes for the price of one. Thea will get the
unemployment rate down for sure!
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I met an American truck driver in Russia, he wanted to move to Russia but couldn't make any money there, told me he makes $300 a day truck driving in the US.
If you think thats too much, go try it yourself.

I talked to my trash guy, its not that simple to get lincensed compared to yrs ago, he was grandfathered in but he says new guys have a hard time of it, its not just a drivers license.

And they drive these trash crews like UPS drivers. Theres no easy money out there.
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Originally Posted by jonesg View Post
Theres no easy money out there.

No there isn't but $26.29/hr is very good money IMHO. On top of that the benefits package doesn't look too bad, a $15,000 contribution to the pension fund. Don't these guys read the newspaper, unemployment is double digit, here in RI is over 13% and going to stay there for awhile thanks to all the flooding
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Why ANY company would hire union workers is beyond me.
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