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headliner coming down

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My headliner in my 98 cherokee is starting to come down where it meets the windshield. The more i drive with the wind the more its startin to flop. I want to glue it back up but want it to stay and not look half-assed. Any suggestions on what to use? Thx
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You can get a spray glue from the auto parts store for it.
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Originally Posted by Kicking Bass View Post
You can get a spray glue from the auto parts store for it.

Yep, 3M spray adhesive, but be sure to mask off parts you don't want glued.

Walmart has the stuff, too. You don't necessarily have to hit an auto parts store.
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The glue may or may not work. It depends on the backing. If it's that foam stuff you're better replacing the whole thing. The glue won't hold for long.
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I did a few of these on my jeeps. Pull the molding,light and anything else thats holding it in.( it's not that much )and take the liner out of the car. Pull the old cloth off clean up the backing and get a new piece of cloth. I think I got it a rag shop. Spray the backing with the glue,lay some wood dowels across the backing,lay the new cloth over the dowels and one by one pull the dowels out as you press the cloth to the backing.Make sure you have it where you want it because once you press it down it ain't coming off. I tried to do it in place and it was a PIA and messy.
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All good advice above
But, If you don't want to go through all of that, get some matching thumb tacks, place them evenly,and it resembles button tufting. It all depends on how involved Ya want to get!
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thanks for all the replies guys! Dont want to get too involved it is a 98 with 150000 on it but runs good. Not into replacing the whole thing so gonna keep my fingers crossed that the 3m glue works. Thanks again........Mike
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I did exactly what GetDaGaff did. It is not a big thing. It will cost you about $20. I had a 2 Door Blue Celebrity and it took me about 4 hours. The hardest part is getting the molding/lights down. After that it is a very simple job. I found it helped to have two people when gluing the new liner. Don't trim the liner until after you get it glued down. I did mine and it laster another 4 years before I junked my car.

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I had this problem some years ago and i did a fix with whatever i had lying around at the time. I tried the spray glue but it only lasted about 3 hot sunny days then the liner was down again.

If you have some old vinyl panels from a set of vertical blinds, (the type you would hang in front of a sliding patio door) you can take the slats and cut them to fit in the roof of your car thus holding up the headliner.

Cut the length so that the panel bends up to the roof and fits snugly in place under the molding on both sides a few or those in the roof and your set.
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I have owned a bunch of these, here is a 5 minute halfa$$ repair that will work as a temporary fix.

Get some T pins from an office supply store, and just stick them in kind of sideways to hold it up, I had one that I drove like that for years,
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I also have a '98 Jeep and the headliner started coming off about a year ago... I just used a hot glue gun and it hasn't budged since... cover the top of the dash with newspaper or whatever to catch the drips...
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