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Bluegill Imitation?

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Hey, I was wondering if anyone has a fly that imitates a bluegill very closely?
I started fly fishing and at my local lake the bass grow big and fat feeding on bluegill. I was thinking a bunker profile fly and you could add the dot with a permanent marker. Please post pictures.
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there are some very complicated patterns out there, but a simple and highly effective tie is the James Wood Bucktail. Great for bass feeding on juvy bluegill in the mid-summer. Google it...
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Here's one from Jonny King!
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Here is a bluegill slab fly that I have had some success with on LMB;

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Been fishing for several years and catching LMB on bluegill patterns, top and sub, but usually in smaller sizes with rabbit and bucktail/calftail/ craft fir.

But last years in a local lake I hooked a very decent size bluegill and it was sucked up by a LMB that had to be over 6 pounds. I fought the bass and tried to get it to boat, it spit the gill, then it sucked it back in. It did this about 4 times before the LMB realized there was a fly rod on the end.

I aim to catch that bass this season. Tied up some big decievers with bucktail and sfb mixed.

The sunny eaten by the bass is posted as well. Little beat up but it swam away.

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wow, thanks guys these are all great patters ill try to tie some up and nail a few of those big five pounders that live in the lake
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Great flies guys!

Here's one I came up with called the Stumpy Special.

The one in the pic is actually on a size 4 SW hook (Eagle Claw 254), but any fresh water standard shank hook (rather than a longer streamer hook) seems to be about right to get that roundish blue gill shape. This one on the size 4 hook is 2" long from eye to tip of tail to imitate small ones, but you can tie it any size.

Here's a recipe in order of tie in.

Hook: Standard length shank in whatever size. Something like a Mustad 3399 equivalent would be a good choice or the slightly longer 3366.

Thread: whatever, olive or black 3/0 (flat waxed nylon used here)

Tail: Deceiver style tail about 1 hook length (from front of eye to rear of bend), with a pair of orange dyed grizzly inside a pair of green dyed grizzly and 2-4 strands of copper Krystal Flash.

Body: Gold Body Braid from rear above barb to midpoint of shank

The collar will be tied in from the mid point to the 1/4 point, and the wing and head will take up the 1/4 point to the eye.

Collar: 3 turns each (mixed with each other) of Blue dyed grizzly, Orange dyed grizzly and Green dyed grizzly. Barb length of feather roughly 1 1/2x width of hook gap.

Wing tied on top of shank forward of collar: 2 strands gold flashabou slightly longer than tail, under 30 hairs of olive bucktail extending to end of tail, under topping of 4-6 strands of peacock herl extending to 1/2 length of tail
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Great flies and interpretation using different materials and styles of flies.
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All this stuff is great... Summer time is going to be slamming...
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