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2000 s10 ABS light - Help?

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OK, after the big snow a few weeks back, my ABS light has popped on. The light was coming on when i turn my wheel hard to the right. As i straightened my wheel out it would go off. It was like clockwork, every time i turn hard right it came on. OK, now I'm not even close to a mechanic but this led me to believe that i have a wire pulling and making a bad connection. Monday, i had new shocks put on and now i have the ABS light popping on and off randomly while I'm driving and it still comes on when i turn hard right. Got any clues? New speed sensor, bad connection, dirt, wires coming too tight? Thanks
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Check the level of your brake fluid.

I know that low fluid level can light up ABS in Fords.

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^^ Thanks for the tip, brake fluid is good.
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either dirty abs sensor that needs to be cleaned, loose connection to abs sensor, broken connection to abs sensor or bad abs sensor, u got disks on all 4? or disks on front drums on back?
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^^ I don't know, im not a truck guy. Its a 6 cyl. 4.3 4x4
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if u look through the rims of the truck front and back on one side of the truck shiney metal disk in front and rusted round thing in the back=front disk rear drum, shiney on front and back disk all around
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lol, ill turn in my man card now. Thats the language i can understand, Discs all around
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im not overly familiar with abs sensors but u may be able to go to autozone or similar and ask where the abs sensor is located, have them show u a new one so u can identify the old part, it may be on the side that u want through the puddle so check that side first. my truck has abs in the back and idk y disks all around but reg disk in front, on my truck when the light goes on it tells me i have no abs and i really dont care, abs has almost killed me several times and i hate it
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Its pretty common for rust to build up under one of the wheel speed sensor mounting flanges and push the sensor far enough away from the reluctor ring (inside the wheel bearing,you cant see it) so that it doesnt read.Fix is to remove the sensor and scrape and clean under it...but alot of times the sensor is stuck enough so that you break it trying to get it out.Before doing anything though,the first step is to find out what the code is.
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I had auto zone read the codes for me and they said no codes showed up even though the ABS light was on
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You may have to find a scanner that communicates with the ABS.I think the code reader they use only reads emission or OBD codes.If the light is currently on..there is a code in there.
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If youve got corrosion causing an increased gap between a front sensor and the reluctor ring, you'll usually also have unwanted activation of the ABS at low speeds, 8mph and less. Another thing to check is the harnesses that go to the front sensors. When you turn the wheels you could be stretching one of the harnesses and causing a temporary open circuit, that rights itself as you turn back and take tension off the harness. I agree though, first step is to retrieve the code.
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Thanks for the help guys!! Replaced the front passanger side wheel speed sensor and it worked like a charm! (for now LOL)
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