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Scale material

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I have seen onion bags, perforated paper, and shower scrubs used for masking scales. What else do people use? Thanks.
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Originally Posted by J Lloyd View Post
What else do people use?

The search function.
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Go to any sewing section of a craft store and get tulle.
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Clementine box rubber mesh. Some have a thicker mesh which is kinda like rubber. I like that one.

Just picked up some mesh / tulle at Wally world tonight to try and get some finer detail work in.
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Did these scaled 1's with shelf liner similiar to picture, wraps great around plugs. Sorry too much sun in the picture, but ya get the idea with the black over gold 1.
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Mesh safety vest and laundry bag.
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I like this mesh, I've seen it used for small pearl onions, shallots and elephant garlic, has a nice stretch to it and conforms well to plug shape.
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Scale pattern looks like this on lure
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Originally Posted by FJR View Post
Mesh safety vest and laundry bag.

That thing is sweet looking!
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Laundry bags or sport equipment bags.

Walmart. CVS. Dick's. Sports Authority. Some grocery stores.

I bet Jo-Ann Fabrics has all kinds of it.

Perhaps Fredrick's of Holywood for some fishnet stockings?
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I get women's lingerie wash bags at the dollar store. $2 for 18" by 36" when the seams are cut. Get funny looks sometimes, I just tell them it is to wash my delicate knickers so they don't get twisted. Get funnier looks.
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