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Scale Tutorial

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Because of all the nice comments I received on my recent scale pattern, and because I learned everything I know about plug building off this forum, I thought it is only fair to give a little back. As I stated before, I got the basic idea for these off a thread on Tackleunderground, then figured out how to do it. With a little practice they are pretty fun to do.

Step 1> Make a stencil. I used some plastic sheets that used to be used for overhead projectors (if you remember those!). I made a row of holes with a hole cutter.

Step 2> base coat your plug. On this I used Auto Air Aluminum base, but pick your own color.

Step 3> The key to getting a 3D effect is to put down some black. Here I uses AA Transparent black. I also added some gills so I knew where to start my scales.

Step 4> Place your stencil and start painting. I like Tamaya paints for this because you can thin them with isopropanol and they dry almost instantly. Here I an using white so they show up well. Paint only half of the circle. Remove the stencil and dry with a blow dryer.

Step 5> Off set the stencil and paint the next row until you do the entire side. Repaet on the other side.

Step 6 > When you finish both sides, go back and fill in any gaps and dress them up a bit as needed. Here, I painted some small scales on the head, darkened the back with some black, and touched up around the gills and eyes.

Step 7> On this plug I sprayed some candy purple and blue on it just for fun.

Step 8> Don't forget to Sign or Mark it.
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Part 2> I sprayed some clear on the candy just to give you an idea how it will look when e-texed

Greenford, Have that cousin of yours in Nigeria PM me about the $55 mil for showing you how to do this!!

Enjoy Everyone. I look forward to seeing your new scaled plugs...
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Amazing tutorial, I went bonkers trying to figure out how you did your pattern. Can't wait to try this out
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Highpockets; Thanks for posting this. Very nice
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nice work!!
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Had a feeling ya did it that way, but none the less, excellent job for sharing.
ohh and I'm In..sweet plug

PS Tim S, Maybe an award for a good idea of the month award, perhaps a gift certificate to the online store??
If so I nominate this 1!
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Nicely done, Thank you for sharing your technique with all of us.
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Awesome! Thanks for the step by step.
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I loved that scale ..thanks for sharing ..great job on tutorial

I'm glad the sharring continues
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Awesome high pockets, Thanks for sharing.
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It's a lot easier than I thought it might be, time consuming never the less I'm sure.

Nice job and thanks for sharing the ideas.

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Awesome work and awesome scaling. Your pattern was definitely out of the box and unique. Thank you for sharing!
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You are friggin good.... Thanks for the tips... I'll have to try this out on my pencils for spring in squid colors...
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Probably a better scale than using lace etc.
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