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How to make a tin squid mold

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I've used the search function but cannot seem to find what I'm looking for . With the scarcity of old block tin squids being what it is, the ability to pour your own seems to be a way to go. I have a number of squids that are chrome plated lead but they swim too high. I'd like to duplicate them and pour them with a lighter weight material that will rise higher in the water with a slow retrieve----Tin.

Has anyone had any experience making POP or Bondo molds into which you can pour molten tin? If so, can you point me in the right direction?

Thanks for any help.
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go to ebay and look for tinsquid mold...after ten years I've seen maybe 3 last month one went for like 80-100 bucks shipped...funny people don't part with these...I buy them(squids)....some one posted a bondo mold here if I remember I once had like 200 squids a frend found in someones attic there was no mold with them good luck
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I have had really good luck having a mold made ,.made mine cheap enough. they use a kind of material used by
dentist for making molds for crowns. You'l have to look in fone book for a jewlery casting company, and you'l need the model. I used an old lure found at my dad's house.
I've cast them from lead, tin, and pewter. Pewter stays
shinny longer. My grandfather used to have them plated
in silver.good luck and be carefull with hot metal (it doesn't have to be red to be hot!
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Bondo will work well for a tin or lead mold. Husky has posted several thread on those types of molds. A search should bring those up. Better than I could describe how to do it.

As far as material, you can mix tin with lead to get a shiny lure with a little more weight to it. The amount of each that you do will depend on what you want as far as weight and such. The mix can easily be melted in a lead melting pot.

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I made a mold out of Bondo the results are not perfect but make a usable tin.
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