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rod leash ideas

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Making my rod leashes this weekend and I was looking for any advice/suggestions you all have in terms of material. I was either going to use the spiral key chain material or the standard bungee cord from surf to summit. Brass clip on one end to secure to the kayak but not sure what to use on the other end. I see some guys just velcro and others using brass clips on each end. What part of the reel are you clipping onto? I am not sure I am comfortable with that. Also, what are you using to crimp the material and make a loop? Thanks for your help.
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When I made mine last year I used the cord from a cell phone charger. If you look around ( Radio shack, dollar stores) you can find obsolete ones for under two bucks each and the would be much stronger and longer than the key chain material. As far as the " crimp" I used two zip ties on each end.
check out this video. No, that's not me. I just followed his lead.

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I use 10' coiled audio cord bought at the 99 cent stores for $.99. There is also a variation of this using velcro on one end. Here John is using rope but I use the coiled audio cord.

I prefer the velcro to attach to my rod since there is no place to attach a clip to a spinner reel unless I add a large split ring to the rod at the hook keeper. I velcro the rod handle just below the reel.
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Home Depot has great aluminum crimps near the chain and cable for less than $1.50. The 1/8" size fits cell phone charger cords. I like a small stainless steel carabiner on the boat end and velcro on the rod end.
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I use the old phone car chargers as well but I like the idea of Audio Cord. I'll look at that next.

I use 150lb Rosco Doulocks instead of the SS snaps in the video. Much cheaper with the Doulocks and effective.

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thanks guys I should be able to find everything i need to get started
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I use a length of parachord and a square knot
works fine
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get a 1/2" dowel, drill a 1/16" hole in each end. Then get some 250-300 lb mono and wrap it tightly around the dowel, using the holes in the ends to hold the mono on. Boil it for a few minutes. Get a big bowl of ice water. Take the dowels out of the boiling water and immediately immerse them in the ice water for a couple more minutes. Cut line to length and crimp hooks of your choice on the ends.

they work OK. Not quite as nice looking as commercially made ones but they're CHEAP, you can make hundreds of them with a coil of line.

I crimped in a loop on one end and used velcro cable wraps to put on the rods.
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I know a guy who converted a dog leash pretty quick
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I don't like the phone cord stuff for my rods. I just buy some very thin , coated galvanized wire. It only needs to be about 4-5 feet long.
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fit and finish is worth the $$ to me .. the fast clip helps move rods around quickly.
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I made my own with 1 inch nylon webbing and nylon buckle clips, look just like the colied version but way cheaper, made my 2 for under 8 bucks. Or Ive seen nylon dog leashes used too.
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I used some recycled computer curley cord. It's like phone cord but heavier. I looped it over, whipped it and shrink wrapped that. Installed a snap and it's perfect.
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I was going to suggest the whipping also. Or a couple of nail knots. The heat shrink tubing gives it a nice finish. I like thin bungee cord. (West Marine). Good for items like the boga, pliers, my knife on my vest, etc..
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