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cheap tuna jigging reel...

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was looking into purchasing a moderately-priced tuna jigging reel, specifically between 200-300 dollars....within this price range, what would you recommend? was looking at the Torium 30s and the Saltists......are there better quality reels in this price range? thanks-----Mike
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Daiwa Saltist is what you want in that price range . I like toriums but not for tuna because of the fast retrieve .
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Also check out the FinNor offshore conventionals. Like the Saltist, they are available in a high speed and a low speed.
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yeah the fin nor conventionals are real nice. i think the 50 is the one i would use. the avet LX is also a very good choice
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Saltist is a great affordable reel.
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I know it's a bit more, but does anyone have experience with the penn torques? if so, which size/speed? thanks-----
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Originally Posted by rockdoc View Post
I know it's a bit more, but does anyone have experience with the penn torques? if so, which size/speed? thanks-----

IMO the torques are to heavy to jig with, the 300 is a heavy tank. For your orginal price range i would reccomend an avet LX in 4.6:1. For what you will pay for a torque you can get a 2 speed reel. If you are going to spend torque money, i would suggest a 2 speed Avet hx, or a 2 speed Shimano talica
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Granted the Torque 300 is a beast, but you don't usually need that kind of line capacity for jigging, but if you do use it, it has unparallelled cranking power for a high speed reel.
I use the TRQ300 primarily just for wahoo jigging, when the ultimate speed and cranking power are needed, but only intermittent casts [with trolling in between] are needed.
For most jiggers, the much lighter Torque 200 [400 yards 65 braid] or Torque 100 [300 yards 50 braid] are still a bit heavier than similar-capacity reels, but if you need that extra cranking power [from ISP and double-wide gears], along with good drag numbers [30-plus pounds for 200, and 20-plus pounds for 100], along with good casting characteristics, they give all that and more.
I have caught everything from yellowfin tuna, bluefin tuna, albacore, wahoo, CA yellowtail, amberjack, dorado, and even striped marlin on mine, and love them.

Disclaimer- affiliated
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I like star drags for jigging mainly because of the spool binding problem with high drag settings on lever drags . Like I said before the saltist is the way to go in your price range and if you change the drag ,add carbontex washers and replace the plastic bushing with a bearing you have a real better than a saltiga !

Also if you decide to go with the saltist get the low speed one . You don't need to move a jig fast to get a bite on the East coast , because the fish are mainly deep . The only time I like a faster reel is when the blufin are on top and they want speed .
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another vote for the Saltist. I have the 40 model and have never had a problem with it. I did have the drag changed out
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My brother and I were just talking about this subject over Christmas dinner. What is a good tuna jigging reel. I did my jiggng on the west coast about ten years ago and basically haven't done any since. When I moved east we have done good bit of trolling and chunking but not much jigging. We wanted to get back into it for chunking, although effective, can be boring as all heck.
So I dug out my old jigging rig, a 454 Pro Gear YTS (had two, one never used). Although somewhat light # potential, 40ish, it is great reel. There is a lot of hear say about Pro Gears on this site, and in all truth, I wouldn't use them for the surf either, but go on allcoast or ono and you will hear the 454 mentioned a lot for yoyo ing. You can easily pick one up for $150. I think I had it paired with my Calstar 700H or M, man what a rig.
The thought of jigging again this summer has made start lurking for a Cal tricked out Penn 16.
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The Saltist 50 gets mentioned a lot.
Check the long range boards for that is the equivalent of asking a Montauk sharpie which spinner is good for dunking. Long rangers kill their rigs, break them down, and fish them in the morning, 14 days straight.
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Would go with a 40 IMO 50 too big as in wide and heavy for Jigging
I have a Saltiga 40 and love it
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The 40 is definitely the way to go , spooled up with 80# braid you should have no problem with fish up to 200# .
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