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penn long beach 60

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My uncle found a penn 60 new in the box in his basement and gave it to me. The reel and box are flawless. He bought it in the 70s, has a price tag of $23.95 on it.

On ebay I've looked and found that they do not command high prices, and that they are a "collectors item" according to penn.

Not planning on selling it, but what do you guys think is a ballpark value to a collector?

thanks for any help
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Not sure of the value in dollars.But I will tell you that Me and a fellow angler still use em for Tog/striper fishing Delaware bay and the Atlantic.They are built like a rock and work for us.I would have no problem paying 50 bucks for a shiney new one.Its funny to hear the comments at the dock about the old 60s we have on our rods.
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Have one too and use it in the back bays with mono and bait.
Gear ratio is not high so its good in the bays.
Enjoy it.
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Hi that models are today still in use by some people here for hard work and low maintenance. Build like a "bulldozer"

Here by me they go for as much as $60, if in as new or good condition .
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I'm a retired U. S. Marine who is finally enjoying the pleasures of saltwater fishing along the Texas Gulf and although I have bought new rod and reels, I'm still using my old PENN 60 Long Beach and my PENN JigMaster P500.  Both have proven trustworthy in landing large Red and Black Drum in the 30 to 45 inch range.  I did replace my old rods on both reels since the line guides started popping out after hooking a 40 plus inch Black Drum.  If you are into fishing, keep it as a trustworthy reels.  If you decide to sell it, I would certainly pay 50 to 60 dollars for a new PENN 60 Long Beach.  Good Luck.

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New Penn 60 with box and paper work First I would not sell it and if I was to sell it at least 65 Shipped in USA ,take it or leave it ,most of head boats/party Boats here use Penn 60 / 65 for customers.
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If you are going to keep it for a "vintage" reel collection it's important to protect the box and associated paperwork, tools and oil that came with it. These items can make a big difference if selling as a new and collectable reel. By the way how cool to be given a brand new in box reel from the 70's.

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