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salt marshes

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Why is it that when ever I go fishing people only fish salt marshes for bait. I know people catch puppy drum,flounder,trout,etc in them, but not where I fish(NC/VA), why is this?
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bait can go in very VERY shallow water areas, making them easier targets. easier to sight fish a ball of baitfish than predators prowling around
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I believe that marshes and flats are akin to the womb of the bay/ocean. Much of the aquatic life you see, and don't see, get their start there.
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salt marsh is just another term for back bay or skinny water and I fish it all the time. It is the very life of the water.
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not sure where you're from pierfisherman, but if you ever come up to CT i'll show you plenty of reasons to fish a marsh. it just sucks, cause i can show you, but i've never had luck CATCHING fish in a marsh with a rod/reel

by hand tho, i've landed all sorts of baitfish, starfish, flatfish, crabs, lobsters and sandworms, and a bunch of crustaceans that i couldn't even id
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I guess I don't understand your question I fish the salt marshes all the time and catch redfish, trout, flounder. I also go to the marsh to catch bait at times. The area I fish is from Nags Head down to Swansboro, NC.
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Well, for instance, where I usually fish, Oak island in southern NC, I see people throwing cast nets when ever I go to the canals going through the salt marshes on the island, but I never see people fishing with rod and reel, but I know that there are fish in those canals.
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with marshes, if u have a boat and can access all sorts of structure u are more likely to have luck catching something decent. in the salt marsh decent size fish are almost always around structure like docks, oyster bars, points, and areas near the channel.
given the fact that most marsh areas also have a beach or inlet area farther down the road, some of us would much rather fish in the inlet/surf than fish for trout, flounder, or reds (3 primary food fish in the marsh) in the marsh. in the ocean u can catch those 3 along with more species.
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Well, if you know that there are fish in the canals, maybe you should fish with a rod and reel and see if you do any good. There are lots of spots that I fish that you would never think there would be any fish, either no structure, to shallow, no signs of life. And then there are spots that look really fishy, and no fish! It's call exploring.

Good luck, Maybe you will find a hot spot.
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