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remove home heating oil from tank....

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so my inlaws are due for a new furnace, and are going to be switching to gas.. they have about 80-100 galons of oil left in the tank.. so instead of just letting the installer take it and remove it.. why not put it in my tank for the winter..

what is the best way to get it out of the tank.. transport.. and maybe store for a few weeks.. unfortunatly i recently topped off my tank... so i prob only have room for say 20 galons..
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Josh I used to have my own business removing, replacing and installing oil storage tanks. I would get a few 5 gallon gas containers....the red plastic ones used for gasoline (not milk jugs or anything stupid like that as its too risky) when you have them and the tank is disconnected from the furnace cut the oil line back to about 3 feet from the tank and make sure you can bend/angle it up so you can open the valve and drain it into the gas cans as needed. The weight of the oil will be enough to drain the tank so no pump needed......just make sure the valve is secure when you are done using it so as not to have any leak/spill problems. I would fill the cans...take them home and empty them into the tank and then refill them and have them ready to pour into the tank when you are ready and simply repeat the process until the tank is almost empty....and I say almost because when you get it down low enough you will start to get to the silty, sludgy oil at the bottom and at that time I would stop as you do not want to transfer the bottoms into your tank as they may also contain condensation/water. Good luck! Anything to save a buck for sure! I used to get all my oil free by removing peoples tanks! Bonus of the job!
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Getting it out of the tank really isn't a's what to do with it once it's out. I've seen those inline pumps that you hook up to a drill. No biggie.

What to do with possibly 50 gallons of fuel oil until you burn enough to make space in your tank? Do you know anyone with a diesel motor?
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Get an old 55 gallon drum with the small screw top.
Use the 5 gal gas cans to transfer the oil.
Pickup a tansfer pump that screws into the top of the 55 gal drum.
When you get room pump the oil from the 55 gal drum into the 5 gal can.
Add to your tank through the fill pipe
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Easier to transfer in a few 5 gallon if you happen to get caught transporting a 55 gal. drum of fuel oil......with no hazmat numbers or plaque cards....big trouble! For only 80 gallons......KISS! Remember if you use a transfer pump it only pumps a few feet....then how you gonna get it to the truck?? If you have a truck?? Or a transfer pump and a drum for that matter!!?? Use an "old drum" and it could leak on you if you are unsure of its integrity??? Make it a big deal and you will have more time and money into pumps, drums and a truck than the 80 gallons is worth. Just my .02 cents which in this economy ain't worth much!!
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I'd go with drums but find a couple 35-gallon poly ones. I'd get four and split it up, otherwise they'll be too heavy to move. A 55-gallon drum of motor oil is about 500 pounds and heating oil is denser and heavier.

And don't try and put it in a diesel motor. Some old ones can do it but a modern turbo-diesel will have problems. It'll run, but there'll be problems down the road. I see it all the time anymore with biodiesel at too high a ratio to regular fuel or off-road fuel with a different chemical make-up. The modern direct-injection, turbo, EGR laden motors will have nothing but problems.
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You will not be able to move a 35 gallon poly drum full...let alone half full. I used to use a few of those. Keep in mind...if you spill the oil (enough of it) and you may wind up with more trouble than you can handle.
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if its not that far between the two houses i would just pay a tech to do it. if the tank is all ready with piping removed and a two inch plug removed, the tranfer of 80-100 gallons will only take a few minutes into a tranfer tank that is placarded properly time to the new house and tranfer into new tank. no problems and even with the hours labor its still cheaper than the current prices of oil
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