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New Jersey Slip Fees?

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I'm getting old and lazy, so I'm contemplating a slip in the Navesink this year for my 17 foot skiff instead of trailering. I must admit to major sticker shock. When I last had a 25 foot boat in the water all year- that was 1975- the fee was $125 for the 12 month year, including bubbler. (Okay. That was a loong time ago!)

I'm now getting quotes of around $130-140 a foot, or around $2400 for my little skiff, which I use perhaps 25 times a year. Ninety dollars per time seems a lot for a short fishing trip.

Are these rates normal?

Best regards,

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That seems to be around the going rates for prime slip locations.....the further inland or south you go the rates should be lower.
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I'm affraid so Irv. Depending on location you can go broke spending money on a slip. Maybe you want to check your local fishing mag. or news paper to see if anyone has a cheap slip.Some places are double & more than you were quoted! Nothing is cheap in boating.
Try posting here you never know. Good Luck..............Ron
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It looks as though I'm back on the trailer again. Even the dry storage fees are nuts.

Can anyone say recession?

Best regards,

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I kept my boat back in the Navesink for the last 10 years and that is the going rate recently. If you are locked in on the area keep an eye on the paper for private residences that may offer a slip. It is rare but I have seen some slips available from time to time in peoples yards.
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Irv, Just a thought. After the season kicks in the slips that aren't rented people will come down in price just to rent it out. Remember something is always better than nothing. I know they do it around here. You may lose a few weeks in the beginning of the season but may save a bundle....Ron
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Captain's Cove in Highlands will be approx 90.00/ft or less for your boat. It's a "no frills" marina, but it's very protected.
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Maybe your local Craigs List, "dock space wanted"?
Sometimes word of mouth thru friends can get you a freebe in exchange for tag-along fishing time or help with ? One never knows until they ask.

I've had a couple offered to me in exchange for some dock work.
Another was for keeping an eye on a "Summer house" during the winter months.
So, you never know what may come your way if you ask.
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That boat should be under $1,500 at Chris's Deli and Marina, which is at the back end of the Nav.

Get yourself on the wait list at the Atlantic Highlands Municipal Marina.
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Thanks, all. I'll have to rethink this. I'm really only looking for one year, hence a wait list probably won't work. Actually, I'm really trying to decide if I want to spend much time in the salt anymore, or if my time might be better spent on trout streams. I used the boat very little this past summer, I'm thinking mainly because of the hassles of trailering, etc. Perhaps I might use it more of it were more easily accessible in a slip for a quick trip. I'm about 90 minutes from salt water, so given the extra time of trailering and launching, and all that that entails, I'm really not quite sure that it's all worth it, when I can be on a very good trout stream in forty minutes with no preparation and no cleanup afterward.

If I don't use the skiff this summer, I may let it go and order a custom wood and canvas canoe from a builder in Maine (though he currently has a 30 month build time.)

Anyway, thanks for the suggestions. So far I'm sure that even $1500 is probably more than I can justify spending for the 20 or so trips I may take.

Best regards,

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I pay $169 per foot at Britannia in Northport (LI, North Shore).

But you can't beat 7 mins from the house and being able to go fishing alone anytime, day or night, by just untying the dock lines.
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You could buy a new trailer for a 17 foot for less than that. Thats why I trailer.
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It's a 23' boat, that's why I keep it in a slip. It's worth the money to me to be able to get home at 7:00 PM, put the kids to bed, drive 7 mins to the marina, get on the boat, untie the lines, and go fishing. Be home at 12:00 AM. Get up at 5:00 AM, go to work. Repeat.

Try doing that 4 nights a week, by yourself, when you trailer a boat. It gets old real fast. Been there, done that. No more for me. I'd sell the boat if I had to trailer it.
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Bonus..... The marina has a nice pool that the kids love and I save money by not having to put one in the back yard.
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Uncle Irving,
Up by me in Keyport/Aberdeen they are ranging from $80-$125 a foot. we found if you go in later they will negotiate the price due to the length into the season.
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