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Half Moon Bay Area

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Hey guys,

I have been looking at colleges and am seriously considering Stanford. I have done some research about the surf fishing there and it seems to be good, but I wanted to find out what beaches are opened for fishing.

Any help would be great

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Also if you could include what species of fish you go for and what you use bait-wise that would be great!
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Congrats on having that as an option.

We fish for stripers along our coast. Beaches from about 2 hours south of Stanford then north are fishable. Surf Perch other times. I mostly plug, much of what works out east works here.

Where are you from originally?
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You're going about this all wrong. Pick the best place to fish and find a school local .

From Stanford to the coast is about 30 minutes so you'd be close. Like Surfcollector said, you can also go South or north and find fish.

Lots of surf perch and although some people catch stripers all year long, most of the striper fishing is between early spring and Aug/Sept.

Lots of people fish cut bait such as anchovies, squid and mackeral. You can also get sandcrabs from the beach when you get there. Like a lot of others on this site, I like to topwater plug the best.
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I am actually originally from New Jersey. Moved to France at 3 years old, then back to the same town in New Jersey. Moved to North Carolina in 6th grade, and have been living in NC since then. I will be graduating HS in June.

In NC I always fish from the shore, don't like piers as much. Does California offer a lot of opened shores? When I did research it seemed like there was a lot of closed beach. Is that true?
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I do not know what your academic goals are. If your locational priority is surf fishing, Stanford might be an expensive choice.

There are several universities in CA that are close to the beach and surf fishing.

SF/San Mateo Coast. Cold and rough water. Species: Perch and Striped bass. Many pocket beaches and few long sandy beaches like Ocean Beach and Half Moon Bay.

Stanford. 30-40 minute drive over the Santa Cruz Mountains to coast. 10 minute drive to the Bay. Fishing in the southern part of the bay is usually sedentary or from a kayak.

San Francisco State. Good proximity to Ocean Beach and San Mateo Coast. About 5 minutes from the ocean. About 20 minutes from the Bay around Crissy Field and South SF.

Monterrey Bay: Species: Perch and Striped bass. Areas offer more protection and warmer water than the San Mateo Coast. Much more wildlife and baitfish. (In my opinion.) Long sandy beaches.

UC Santa Cruz. 5-10 minutes from Monterrey Bay.

Cal State Monterrey. Very close to the ocean.

Southern California: Species: Not sure. Long sandy beaches. Warmer water.

UC Santa Barbara and UC San Diego: UCSB is right on the ocean. UCSD is really close to the ocean.
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Thanks for the info. Academics definitely come first, but I love to fish in my spare time. All the drives you listed are well within reach, as in NC (where I live now) the drive to the coast is 3 hrs.

I was just messing around behind my house and I just hit a personal best cast. It was a little over a hundred yards with a Shakespeare Alpha Bigwater combo. It cost me $35 total haha. Do I need to cast further to soak bait (mainly fleas for surf perch) on the West coast? Over here there are some times when you need to cast in that range just to reach them.

Just a heads up: this will be a "bad" question...

Is there any rod and reel combo that is within the price range of $140-$160 that would be good for fishing for stripers? I would mainly be throwing an 3/4 to 2 oz topwater lures.

If I get accepted than I would like to bring two rods with me: one for soaking bait and one for messing around while I wait.

For soaking bait I chose:

OM12SSM and Daiwa Emcast Plus 5500/6000 reel

I think the OM12SSM would be best but am still undecided on whether to get the 5500 or 6000 reel.

Would the same combo just smaller work for plugging?

I was thinking the OM9SS and the 4500 Daiwa Emcast Plus reel. It might double as a bait soaking rod every once in a while. I also like the added length between the reel seat and the butt...

Thanks for the help!

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if you like soaking bait, you're right in the area for various sharks (leopards, sevengill, etc), rays and, in the winter, sturgeon. also, good shoreline access for throwing lures for stripers and halibut starts about fifteen minutes north of palo alto, right around the san mateo bridge area (not that they're not further south, but it's harder to find access further south). fun west coast stuff on the coast as well like crab snaring for dunginess crab and poke poling for eels and rock fish. I wouldn't doubt that there are lmb in the water hazards on the golf courses in the area (although i'm not going to go as far as to recommend doing this since it's illegal), and stanford does supposedly have its own wild steelhead run within the campus grounds.
for all the b&m-ing we do, there's actually decent fishing in the area.
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I've always wanted to fish for smaller sharks (4-5 ft range). Would the 50 lb Powerpro that I currently use be fine for sharks? Obviously I would need a leader as well...
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Originally Posted by mbrajer View Post

Just a heads up: this will be a "bad" question...

Is there any rod and reel combo that is within the price range of $140-$160 that would be good for fishing for stripers? I would mainly be throwing an 3/4 to 2 oz topwater lures.

If you are worried about spending less than $200 on a fishing combo, even with financial aid, you may not be realistically evaluating the cost of a sheepskin from the farm.

But good luck anyway.
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Sorry guys I have been gone for the weekend fishing in NC. My report will be in the NC regional report later this week! Got a nice bull red Sunday morning...
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Montara beach is closed starting in January, I think, under the MLPA.
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