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Fishing Near Charlottesville, VA

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student here at UVa, and I'm going through fishing withdraw! what are some good general areas around Charlottesville i could check out?
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ain't happening - go get a greasy Gus burger at the White Spot instead!!!
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Try some trout fishing on rivers like the Moormans.
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The Shenandoah river and tributaries are across the mountain, but smallmouth season is fading.

Lake Anna is closer. Bass and crappie are still biting. Stripers can be caught.
". . . as soon as the water temperatures hit the lower 60’s [stripers] will migrate into the backs of the creeks. As the temperatures drop you can locate the schools along the creek channels on points and in channel bends. Uplake fishing should improve when we get significant rainfall and or cooler water temperatures. Midlake the fish are stacked in the Rose Valley and Stubbs Bridge area feeding on the shallow humps and points in the low light times of the day and falling back to the 20 to 25 foot ranges when the sun is bright. Stripers are roaming Contrary creek. Good places to work are the humps in the mouth, the S turns midway back, the roadbed and nearby the 652 bridge and the marked hump in the back bay and in front of Freshwater Estates. The islands around Boggs Creek and the Dike 3 are holding schools of Stripers, they advertise themselves in low light times of the day breaking on the surface.
Fishing will improve with the shorter days and falling water temps creating excellent shallow water fishing with fish moving right up on the banks. Run your live baits next to the clay banks to catch the larger Stripers. In October Spooks work exceptionally well as do Pencil Poppers, especially in the current at the third Dike. Swim baits will also produce very well this month, try Sea Shads and Berkley Hollow Body swim baits on 3/8 oz. heads retrieved slowly and the fish will try to break your arm hitting these baits. "
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