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Bucktail storage..........

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I had a problem recently with some of my best white bucktails. I stored them all together in a container, but none of them were in bags and one of them apparently wasn't cleaned well and there were some bugs..... . Anyway, I went through them all and some of the bucktails were ruined because the tips of the hairs looked like they were chewed off!!!! Basically most of the hairs looked as though they were trimmed at the tip......not happy! Has anyone had this problem before with bugs or moths???

My question is:

Do you store all your bucktails in the bags that they come in or without and in a drawer or container?

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I like large paper envelpoes to minimize water, condesation, mold, etc and it keeps them from getting too beat up . .Plus you can easily lable them and store them in a small area. Keep the dyes away from the whites.
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Always advisable to keep your materials in individual bags to avoid cross-contamination just in case --- provided, of course, that bags are kept tighly sealed.But bagging alone is insufficient-- I have seen larvae chew their way out of, or into, sealed zip-loc baggies.
Make it a habit to always inspect every new piece of natural material thoroughly before adding it to any established storage bin.
I take salsa or relish jars, punch a few holes in the lids, and throw a handful of mothballs into each--- then place one jar in each bin which holds natural materials(hair, fur, feathers, etc.). This has worked well to keep bugs out for many years for me.
Some have advocated putting new materials in the freezer for a couple of days before adding them to your collection, but I have no experience with this vis-a-vis bugs.
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This is just a theory that may work if you are storing it longterm: Seal them with maximum amount of air purged in ziploc bags. Store it in you freezer for 3 days. Move it to the refridgerator for 3 days. store them in room temperature for a day or two. move it into your regular tackle storage bag, box, etc. The freezer should kill all bugs+larvae. I try to do this whenever I get a new shipment of cigars. Hope it works.
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I store them in individual polypropylene bags. I buy them in bulk for cheap. If it lasts long I keep them in the bags they are purchased in. I Then store them all in a clear plastic sterilite container. Like a shoe-box, only bigger.

No extra bug beware stuff. No probs to date.

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Store them in a rubbermaid type container and place mothballs in and old sock or od foot from your wife's pantyhose.

No more bigs.

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