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Rebel Lures

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Hi Guys,,,for all the lure experts,,, did Rebel ever make lures in wood? and if they did would you know the years....thanks....rreelman
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I'm not sure about for surf/saltwater, but if memory serves, back in the late 60's early 70's they made a few wood lures similar to the smaller (3 inch and under) Rapalla floater's, for a short time, maybe a year or less, but I'm not sure. I think I saw some wood Rebels at Paul's Sporting Goods, back then, anyway.
I'm nowhere near being a lure expert, by the way. I can recognize some Rapalla and maybe a Lazy Ike, that's about it
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yes- in the 70's rebel made a line of wooden minnow lures. I just bought a 2 3/4" inch long baby bass pattern off another board. It always was a killer for trout . my other one was lost in a tree at Water Street in Penna.Too fat to climb after it-I did shake the tree however-ha!
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I thank you gentleman for your replys.....rreelman
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