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How to catch snapper blues for bait? - Page 2

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Be careful they carry the same 15 fish limit as the bigger blues do
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well its true that blues go after anything. i was casting a size 17a bomber off the beach and cought a 4 inch snapper. the snapper whent after a lure bigger than it.
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but spearing on a popper will work better.
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chopper bluefish love eating little bluefish. btw when fishing for snappers be aware that bigger bluefish may attack the same lures
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The absolute best way to catch snappers is to buy a pack of the long shank snapper hooks. Take the leader off the hook. Tie the main line to a small snap swivel. Now, the hook itself is what is going on the snap. Take a spearing, and insert the eye of the hook through the back of the spearing starting right behind the dorsal. Run the hook through the body so the eye now comes out the mouth and then clip the hook back on to the snap swivel. You can leave the hook as is now, or put the point back into the spearing. It really doesn't matter, but I like to put the hook back through. Using this method, the hook point is towards the back of the spearing, and snappers almost always hit from the back. This method is also deadly using killies and small peanut bunker.

Once baited up, just cast out, let it sink a few feet and look for any twitches in the line which would indicate a bite. If you do not get a bite, crank the reel a few times and let it sink. Keep repeating this. If you notice snappers following it but not hitting it, vary retrieve speed and how much you retrieve each time you reel. Also vary how much you let it sink. This method should be done with no float and no weight. If it is too windy, a float can be used but it is best without it. When you get a bite, give the snapper a couple of seconds and ust a twitch of the wrist is all that is needed to set the hook. this way of snapper fishing will out fish any other way, and it will easily out fish snapper poppers.

Hope this helps. Good luck
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Originally Posted by billthe5th View Post
for snappers I'd go a bit lighter, maybe a 1/8 or 1/4 oz kastmaster.

Those small kastmasters come with treble hooks which harm the snappers big time.

Do you change out to a small single hook - if so what hook do you use?
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I've outfished a lot of people with snapper popper setups in the last couple of weeks using a small rapala husky jerk in one of the newer minnow pattern colors. The finish is about worn off but they still seem to like it. I think it's more the action than the color. I twitch quickly to get it under a school of spearing then let it suspend for a little. When the snappers get close I twitch it again, repeat until they hit.
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lol i cheated the other night. small pieces of frozen bunker work awesome. i mean realllly small. put on a small hook and a few split shots, cast out and crank back!

i started doing this after they kept chasing my chartruese clouser and would only chew on the feathers. drove me nuts! good luck
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I was catching them left and right using a 1/8oz snapper zapper from the surf, and then casting them back out there on another rod. Caught a few real quality fluke doing this, and an occasional striper...also caught a big stingray as well with the live snapper. The snapper zapper is pretty much a small kastmaster, but they're alot cheaper...I really don't know how kastmaster gets off charging the money they do for a 1/8oz peice of metal....snapper zappers all the way!

Ps. A trick I like to do is use a small peice of metal...snapper zapper, kastmaster, w/e.. and find a guy using the snapper popper. I then cast along side him, and I typically outfish him. The trick is, I believe the snapper see the water being thrown up, and then see my peice of metal swimming a few inches below the surface, and are more likely to take that, then his topwater tubing...but then again its just my opinion... Those poppers do make great snapper catchers though..
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