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Frisco Pier Open or Closed?

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Does anyone know if the Frisco Pier is open or if its going to be closed? I was told that it was not open but I am not so sure of the source. I wanted to double check. I am leaving Friday night for a week. I usually fish off the pier with the kids for a little while each evening.

Thanks in advance
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It opened this year and last I heard was still open.

Give them a call - 252-986-2533
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according to 'island free press ' it is closed


The future of the Hatteras Island Fishing Pier in Frisco is unclear this summer as the owner struggles with expensive repairs that must be made to the aging structure.

The pier’s owner, Tod Gaskill, says he is working on trying to get it open and on getting funding for repairs.

Mike Murray, superintendent of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, says he wants to see the pier open again and he wants to keep it open to the public.

“We had a conversation with Tod and his wife Angie, trying to work through the problem,†Murray said. “We’re certainly interested in opening it and keeping it open to the public.â€

However, he said, finding funding sources from the Park Service or other public agencies is problematic since the pier is privately owned.

Meanwhile, the pier remains empty and boarded up, prompting questions from islanders and visitors about its future.....................

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weve lost to many piers hopfully they will figure it out so it can stay open
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Thanks for the info guys. Its too bad its going to be closed I hope they work things out and get the repairs taken care of.
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Frisco Pier is closed. The owner (and incidentally the island's pile driver) is working in Texas and hasn't taken the time to come back this summer. A buddy of mine did a flyover of the pier a couple weeks ago, and it is in shambles!
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Shambles is the correct word,They are going to have to replace the whole thing,I wouldn't even walk out on it.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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I hope they do something soon though...that pier is the best shot for kings without going out in a boat.
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Yeah, talk about a disappointment..I stayed at an ocean front house right by the Frisco pier in June. Got down there only to find that it was closed. The drive north to the Avon pier took about 20 minutes.
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Thats a bummer im going to Hatteras in October, and my house is right next to the pier, hopefully it will be fixed by then
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Originally Posted by SkateMan View Post
Thats a bummer im going to Hatteras in October, and my house is right next to the pier, hopefully it will be fixed by then

From what I saw last week its going to be a while before its opened assuming they want to open it. Nothing was being done and it was in bad shape. There is no way you could open the doors and let people out there its falling down basically in some sections.

I stay on Tides Edge, across the street from the Quarter Deck every year with the family. It was a short walk on the beach to the pier. It was odd not having it open and just seeing it falling apart. I noticed a few other businesses that seemed to be hit by the bad economy also.
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Just got back.

There's almost nothing left.  A large section fell during Hurricane Earl, and it is a wickedly mangled mess.   NPS has no hope that it will ever re-open according to 2 Rangers at the Lighthouse

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